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What is home automation?

Home automation, commonly known as smart homes, is a recent technology that allows the management of all housing resources. These elements, when used together, simplify the daily life of their users by satisfying their communication, comfort and safety needs. When home automation emerged in the 70s/80s with the first service buildings, its aim was to control the lighting, climatic conditions, security and the interconnection between the three elements. Nowadays, the basic idea is similar. However, the reality for which the system was designed is now compatible with the current domestic context.

With the change in living standards, home automation found new areas where it can be useful, increasing the number of people to whom it can become an advantage. The peace of mind of frequent travelers and the increase of autonomy for people with special needs, are just a few examples. To provide homes with technological solutions allowing total independence is an important benefit that we should not overlook. This technology allows the domestic chores to be performed in a simple and easy way by elderly people, with mobility problems or physical disabilities, providing greater comfort and increasing their quality of life.

A home automation integrated system controls the lights, triggers devices from a different location inside the house, as well as triggering warning mechanisms when something unexpected arises and the security of people and property are at stake.

Home automation allows access to the vital functions of the house, such as air conditioning, household appliances, alarms, door locks, surveillance, either through a remote control, the Internet or your mobile phone.

This technology allows the programming of daily tasks in an automatic way. These actions can be created or modified by the user, who can establish the best routines and scenarios of comfort and actions in case of alarm.
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