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What is VisãoWeb ?


The VisãoWeb aims to incorporate three different components: surveillance, security and home automation.

With an intuitive and practical interface, it gives the user absolute control over his facilities, providing him what we all look for... piece of mind, the assurance that everything is alright!



The need for a material presence is no longer a reality! Thanks to mobile devices and the Internet, we now have a different interpretation of everyday life, which allows us to remotely manage companies, commerce or homes anywhere in the country or in the world.

At home, the company, the store or for industry, the user can install surveillance cameras; security consoles with proximity sensors (intrusion) or danger sensors (fire, gas leak or flood); the necessary home automation modules for the lighting, heating/cooling (HVAC) control and other devices (for presence simulation and/or for greater comfort).

This new service, applied in companies or homes, is meant for the management of operation and control of surveillance devices (cameras or alarms) and home automation (lighting or heating), with complete security and confidentiality. The integration of different equipment or services in a single solution translates into greater comfort, greater security, greater protection and more information for the user.


All this can be done in real time from any computer connected to the Internet or from a simple mobile phone.

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