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Z-Wave™ is a lowcost Home Automation Protocol totally wireless. It can be implemented in any infrastructure, new or old, without any kind of previous infrastructure requirements. The user can elaborate a system with only two devices and go on adding new ones to match your convenience.

With bidirectional digital technology, gathers all devices on a "mesh" network for complete control of residences, commercial spaces and even office buildings of larger dimensions. The control can be done inside and outside the space, over the internet using any computer or mobile phone, always in a safely manner.

Technologically the Z-Wave is distinguished by reliability, low power consumption, speed and range of its networks.

The fact of working in a narrow band that is out of the 2.4 GHz, does not suffer interference from wireless networks, Bluetooth systems, cordless phones or devices transmit audio / video.

Each Z-Wave device, after set up on your network, repeat the messages that reach it via radio frequency. The "target" device responds with a confirmation command. Therefore we obtain a network with a very wide range, since the devices are spaced apart by a maximum of 30 meters line of sight (may be lower by the characteristics of the structure). This whole sending process, repetition, execution and return of confirmation of commands, is produced almost instantaneously and with a residual consumption.
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