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Frequent questions about the purchase process

How to order

Choose the category
When you decide to join the world of home automation, go to the “Product category“ section. Here you have 8 categories of equipment at your disposal. Select the one you want to start with by clicking on its name.

Choose the product
In each category you will find a diverse set of products. To select what you want to buy just click on “Add“ near the product you have chosen. The product is automatically added to the “Shopping Cart“. You can check that your “Shopping Cart“ has now elements added to it.

Change quantities
Whenever you want to change the quantity of the products you want to buy, you may do so by clicking on “Edit“, which appears in the “Shopping Cart“. Besides the quantities, you can also consult and/or eliminate (on the symbol ) the products you have chosen. To add other products you simply need to click "Continue to Buy" and the shopping cart will be updated with that information.

Shopping cart
This is the area that indicates the products you have selected and their quantities. When you have chosen the products you want to buy you need only to click “Buy Now“ and follow the instructions that will be presented to you.

A voucher can be attached to one or more articles. These codes are supplied by EuroX10 and you can find them in campaigns in our Newsletter, magazines with EuroX10 advertising or other promotional media. If you have a promotional code you may submit it in the "Voucher No." box, and after pressing the button "validate" prices will be updated with the respective discounts. Please note that a promotional code has limited validity and can only be submitted once per order.

Placing the order / Finishing the order
For any of these situations it is necessary to login (or register).
After this procedure and after choosing the means of payment, you can then complete your order. You will receive its confirmation on your e-mail, together with the number of the purchase order.

How to pay

Validate the “Shopping Cart“
Now that you have done your shopping you have to select "Buy Now". Afterwards the validation area will appear. If you are already a registered customer, enter your e-mail address and your password in order to verify all your data and the products you have selected. If not, you will have to register.

Means of payment
The means of payment available in Portugal are payment on collection, bank transfer, check or electronic payment. If you are in another country you must opt for electronic payment. The means of payment is chosen while registering. It may be altered every time you confirm the purchase. The final amount of your order will depend on the means of payment chosen. For deliveries in Portugal, if you want to save 5 € cash on delivery, you can choose any of the other means of payment available.

Means of payment

Upon purchase you will be asked which means of payment you prefer. This may be payment on collection (which may arrive via carrier or CTT), or advance payment by VISA / MasterCard, check, money orders, PayPal or bank transfer.
You can use the payment on collection option up to the maximum amount of 2,500 €.

Orders with a higher amount should use advance payment. For purchases outside of Portugal, only the advance payment of the order will be accepted, by bank transfer or VISA / MasterCard. Your order will be shipped as soon as we receive the payment.

Bank transfer
If you choose to pay by bank transfer (to the NIB/IBAN below) you must pay only after receiving confirmation with the total amount of the order, which includes the amount of the products you have selected and the sending costs.
For an easier identification of the bank transfer we advise our customers to send us an e-mail to or a fax to no. 223745167 including proof of payment, together with the order number previously received by e-mail.

NIB - Bank Identification Number
0269 0302 00200532719 07
IBAN - International Bank Account Number
PT50 0269 0302 00200532719 07

Cash on delivery
The customer can choose to pay on collection as a means of payment. If for some reason the order is sent back and the customer wishes us to resend it, he has to make an advance payment of the total amount (including the amount of the transportation costs), plus 5€ for the resending of the order.

Credit card (Visa / Mastercard)
To use this means of payment you must have a Visa/Mastercard credit card.
You will be asked for your Visa / Mastercard credit card number, the expiration date and a security code, which is on the back of the card, on the right side of the space reserved for the signature of the holder, and which is composed of three digits.

Credit Cards that uses the platform 3DSecure, “verified by Visa”
In this case besides the information related to your Credit Card you’ll be asked for an extra password in order to confirm the payment procedure. You should follow the link and access to the 3Dsecure platform validation. Please do not close the EuroX10 webpage.

At the 3Dsecure webpage related to the bank of your credit card you’ll be asked to introduce the extra password.

After an successful validation you’ll receive this message

At the same time, EuroX10 website will be informed of the processes status and update the information

In the situations that the credit card is 3DSecure, but does not have functionality activated, you can perform such activation in the payment process

If you choose to do not activate the service, the payment process will proceed without the extra password

The check or money order should be sent to
CentralCasa, Lda.
Rua do Cavaco n.º 96 – 1º andar
4400-492 Vila Nova de Gaia

The PayPal is a simple, fast, secure and convenient method to make purchases on the Internet.
By opening a virtual account, which is associated to a real account or a credit card, and transferring money to that same account, it is possible to make purchases.
Using this means of payment you do not have to reveal your credit card nor your bank account number, thus making your payments more secure.
If you have any questions or doubts please contact the company directly by clicking here.

Order sent by CTT Expresso
The order is sent to the address indicated on the purchase order. If there is no one there to receive the order, it will be sent to the closest CTT post office. When picking it up you can make the payment in 2 ways:
- in cash
- by check: the check must be issued to CTT.
Deadline for picking up the order: 3 working days from the date you receive the notice. You can confirm the state of your order on the CTT website by entering the number of the product (it will be necessary to contact us to access it).

Order sent via carrier
The order is sent to the address indicated on the purchase order. If there is no one at home to receive the order, you will be contacted by the carrier in order to schedule a new delivery (until 18:00).

State of the order
To check the state of your order in EuroX10, you simply need to login. In the "User Account" field, under orders, you can access all the orders you have made as well as their state.

NOTE: When justifiable, EuroX10 reserves the right to refuse sending orders on collection.

Product availability

EuroX10 has a dynamic mechanism that updates the stock levels and gathers information from 5 different places in Europe. In order to secure the performance of the website, this operation is performed every 24h.

– The product is available and will be dispatched within the mentioned period: 24H – The product is available in a warehouse with logistic capabilities. 48H – The products is available in a warehouse without logistic capabilities and must be relocated to an expedition site.

– The product is available but in an inferior quantity than its normal daily flux. Therefore it might be or not available regarding the intended quantity. When ordered a quantity that is not full available, the costumer will be contacted

– The product is momentarily out of stock or is only supplied upon order confirmation. Situations such as long periods of unavailability will be commented, referring an ETA for the product.

Orders with different expedition periods for the chosen products will be dispatched within the longest period. Orders with equipments with the same expedition time but located in different places can suffer small delays or be delivered in more than one parcel.

This mechanism is reliable but not foolproof. In case of any doubt contact us through the tools available.


All promotions carried out by EuroX10 are subject to the products availability in stock. CentralCasa, Ltd. reserves the right to cancel or change promotions without a previous notice.


EuroX10 provide to most of the European countries and for several countries around the world, a few methods of delivering. In case you have a particular situation that does not fit in any of the methods presented below you may always contact with us.

Whatever shipping method you choose, please be aware that the delivery deadlines are valid only for goods which are available in stock and with payment confirmed. Also consider deadlines will met unless the delivery address isn’t correct or due to extraordinary circumstances.

In a package resend situation it only will be made if costumer made a new payment shipping expenses..

Standard (continental Portugal) - Your order will be delivered in 24-48h.
Note: This method is "“once delivery only"”. In case you are not sure that you will be at the place of destination (or anyone else) during regular delivery period (9h / 17h), you can always consider the method “"Ponto Pick Me"”

Standard (Madeira and Azores islands) - Your order will be delivered from 5 business days (Madeira island) and from 6 business days (Azores islands). With this method you can choose the payment on delivery (as long as you will have authorization from EuroX10).

Express (Madeira and Azores islands) - Your order will be delivered from 1 business day (Madeira island) and from 2 business days (Azores islands). With this method you can choose the payment on delivery (as long as you will have authorization from EuroX10).

Pick-up at Ponto Pick Me (continental Portugal) - You can choose pick up your package in a place near you! Select here one place of more than 400 places available.
After choose a Pick Me place, you should write its code of that place in observations field that will appears after Payment Method selection. Example: “"X6401 - Papelaria A Popular".

Economic shipping (european coutries) - Your order will be delivered in 5-12 working days from date of the shipment. The dispatch will be handled by regular post, tracking number will be supplied, without insurance added. This service is valid for packages up to 2kgs. Above 2 kgs please contact us for quote your delivery.
This service is only available for some countries. For purchases above 150 euros the postage is free.

Europe Standard (european coutries) - Your order will be delivered up to 5 working days from date of the shipment. The shipment is done by truck / land way with tracking number that will be supplied to so you can track it.

Europe Express (european coutries) - Your order will be delivered until 1 or 2 working days from date of the shipment, according with your country.
The shipment is done by plane / air way with tracking number that will be supplied to so you can track it.

Worlds economic shipping - Your order will take 5-12 working days to arrive to the destination country customs from date of the shipment. The dispatch will be handled by regular post; tracking number will be supplied, without insurance added. This service is valid for packages up to 2kgs. Above 2 kgs please contact us for quote your delivery.

World Standard
Your order will take around 5-7 working days to arrive to the destination country from date of the shipment.
The shipment is done by plane / air way with tracking number that will be supplied to so you can track it.

It is present below shipping prices for some of the European countries that EuroX10 provides expeditions:

Country Economic Standard Express
Continental Portugal 7,50 €
Portugal - Islands 10,00 € 22,00 €
Pick Up "Pick Me" service 5,00 €
Austria 15,50 € 25,00 € 31,00 €
Belgium 15,50 € 21,00 € 23,00 €
Bulgaria 15,50 € 23,00 €
Czech Republic 15,50 € 28,00 € 39,00 €
Germany 15,50 € 19,00 € 31,00 €
Denmark 15,50 € 25,00 € 31,00 €
Estonia 15,50 € 39,00 €
Spain 8,50 € 10,50 €
Finland 15,50 € 39,00 €
France 15,50 € 19,00 € 31,00 €
United Kigdom 15,50 € 25,00 € 31,00 €
Greece 15,50 € 39,00 €
Hungary 15,50 € 28,00 € 39,00 €
Ireland 15,50 € 31,00 €
Italy 15,50 € 25,00 € 31,00 €
Lithuania 15,50 € 39,00 €
Luxembourg 15,50 € 21,00 € 23,00 €
Latvia 15,50 € 39,00 €
Malta 17,50 € 54,00 €
Netherlands 15,50 € 21,00 € 23,00 €
Poland 15,50 € 28,00 € 31,00 €
Romania 15,50 € 39,00 €
Sweden 15,50 € 25,00 € 31,00 €
Slovenia 15,50 € 28,00 € 39,00 €
Slovakia 15,50 € 28,00 € 39,00 €
Cyprus 15,50 € 39,00 €
Croatia 15,50 € 39,00 €
Switzerland 19,90 € 75,00 €
Norway 19,90 € 75,00 €
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