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INSTEON is a unique standard networking technology for the connected home. It is a dual-mesh control and sensing, remote control technology. Lighting control, leak, door and motion sensing, garage door control are amongst the most popular applications.

INSTEON uses a unique, dual-band approach to provide reliability. Using both the existing wires (power line) in the home and radio-frequency communication, INSTEON adds remote control and automation to lighting, appliance and home control applications of all types. From lighting control to integrated security systems, INSTEON allows you to manage your home the way you want. Easy to install and set up, INSTEON offers the flexibility and dependability to make life more convenient, safe and fun.

  • Reliable
    Dual-band – INSTEON signals travel through the air and over electrical wires at the same time. Since issues with each physical medium seldom co-exist at any particular location, each helps to work around issues on the other. Data indicates that error rates are approximately 100 times less likely given this dual-band advantage. INSTEON is the only technology that has this dual-band advantage.
  • Scalable
    There is no practical limit to the size of an INSTEON network (the theoretical limit is currently 16.7 million). Installations over 400 nodes are fairly common in the US. One installation is approaching 2,000 nodes. Another installation automates the building systems in a 600,000 SF industrial building.
  • Fast
    Utilizing a unique Statelink technology, a signal INSTEON signal can simultaneously activate hundreds or even thousands of devices simultaneously. Other technologies need to send much more data.
  • Affordable ININSTEON is a price competitive technology on the market.
  • Guaranteed Forwards and Backwards Compatibility
    INSTEON’s Statelink technology guarantees both forward and backwards compatibility amongst products.

How It Works

What makes INSTEON a reliable home automation technology is its dual-mesh network. "Dual" means that INSTEON uses both radio frequency signals and the home's existing electrical wiring to talk to each other. Every message is confirmed as it is received, and if any errors are detected, the message is automatically resent.

Unlike all other mesh networks, INSTEON's "mesh" network has every device acting as a repeater -- receiving and sending every message to all other devices on the network. So instead of stressing the network by adding more INSTEON devices, you actually strengthen it. Other mesh networks use router tables, and only those products involved in routing the signal act as repeaters – creating a less reliable network.

Unlike other networks, INSTEON commands are simple and universal. One command is sent to all devices simultaneously for instant, elegant scene control. Unlike other networks, INSTEON commands are guaranteed to be backwards and forwards compatible.

With no central controller or networking setup required, setting up your INSTEON network is a simple plug and tap to link one INSTEON product to another. Best of all, every INSTEON device has its own unique ID, so neighbors and would-be hackers can't control your home.
With the use of your smartphone or tablet plus the help of the INSTEON Hub, or Smartlinc, you can easily access, control and check on the status of your INSTEON network and your IP cameras.

Specifications: Network Topology:
  • Dual band (RF and Power line)
  • Peer-to-peer
  • Mesh topology
  • Unsupervised (no routing tables)

  • Protocol :
  • Simulcast hopping for instant scenes;
  • Statelink messages for backwards and forwards compatibility;
  • All devices are two-way repeaters;
  • Hop counts optimized for every device to device connection;
  • Valid hop counts 0,1,2 and 3;
  • Error detection.
  • Automatic Error correction

  • Device Installation :
  • Plug-in;
  • Wire-in;
  • Battery operated.

  • Security :
  • Tap-tap physical possession;
  • Encrypted message payload ;

  • Frequencies:
  • Powerline: 131 KHz
  • RF (US): 915 MHz
  • RF (Europe): 868 MHz
  • RF (Australia, New Zealand): 921 MHz

  • Capacities:
  • Maximum devices per network: 16,777,216;
  • Maximum devices per scene: Limited only memory;
  • Maximum scenes per device: 256;
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