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The projects are customized to your needs

Because it's still a relatively new concept, most people and institutions are still not completely familiarized with home automation. In order to provide for the needs of its customers, provides a sizing and backup service available for installation projects of home automation systems.

The project area is divided in two work areas:

  • Intervention in finished buildings

  • Intervention in buildings under construction or in the project stage.

Intervention in finished buildings

The best option for constructed buildings is the Powerline network communication through the x-10 protocol. This network transmits a high-frequency signal, which overlaps with the electrical current. Thus, the power channel and the data channel use the same infrastructure. This is the ideal technology for the "do it yourself" fans and its greatest advantages are the large and varied offer of simple installation products, its accessible price and flexibility.

Intervention in buildings under construction or in the project stage

If the space is still under construction or renewal, the X10 system can be installed or, alternatively, the EIB/KNX system. The latter is relatively more expensive than X10, because it requires its own dedicated wiring and infra-structure (the physical bus which carries the signaling of the EIB protocol) besides the electrical installation. It is however the most complete and professional protocol in the market, developed by the greatest brands of this type of equipment (Siemens, ABB, among many others). It is specially designed for large residential spaces or service buildings such as hospitals, hotels, industrial or corporate buildings.

Therefore, we advise the use of an automatic sizing tool, which according to the information made available by the user, formulates a valued sizing. Thus, any user is able to have a concrete perspective of what a home automation project implies.


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