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Solutions for enterprises

Still being a relatively recent concept, the majority of the people and institutions are not yet completely common to the Home Automation. In order to accomplish the reach the necessities of its customers, provides sizing services and assessor ship of the installation of Home Automation projects.

For the residential condoms in horizontal property, the CentralCasa offers solutions to all the spectre of necessities of this market.

Gradual packs on level of functionalities and costs:
  • Detection of intrusion;
  • Detection of technician incidents (gas leak, flooding, fire);
  • Electric valves to cut the water and/or gas supplies;
  • Surveillance and remote control (VisãoWeb);
  • Surveillance and remote control (VisãoWeb) with local recording;
  • Home Automation basic systems:
  • Centralized control of the illumination;
  • Centralized control of the shutters/blinds.
  • Home Automation advanced systems:
  • Individual control of the illumination circuits;
  • Individual control of the shutters/blinds;
  • Temperature control (HAVAC, radiators, radiating floor, etc);
  • Video doorman;
  • Distributed sound.
  • Home Automation premium systems (Rita):
  • Integration in a single platform with access through one or more tactile panels of the illumination, shutters/blinds, temperature control, video doorman and distributed sound;

All the conception, final accompaniment of workmanship and configurations, will be in charge of a specialized technician from CentralCasa, although there will be a project manager to host communication with the promoters, in a first phase, and later on with the final customer, following the after-sales process.

As our clients, we have real estate promoters such as EDIGAIA, Imobiliária, S.A. witch in partnership with CentralCasa built the largest residential condominium ever equipped with the EIB/KNX system (in the apartments we used the EIB/KNX radio while in villas was used EIB/KNX twisted par) in the Iberian Peninsula – Quinta do Sardão, as Fernando Moreira da Silva e Filhos on the 2nd residential condominium, the Condominium – Pátio do Canidelo, following the success of Edifício (building) António Sérgio and, as the Portugal Telecom (largest telecom operator) with the “Solutions for Intelligent Homes” already equipped with more than ten thousand of habitations all over the country with CentralCasa solutions, among many others.

The project department for enterprises is based in conceiving solution “to fit” with the goal of maximize the integration of the solutions.

The projects is divided in two technologies, according to the specifications of the client:
- Powerline solutions;
- EIB/KNX Bus solutions.

Powerline solutions
The communication using the Powerline networks is provided through the X-10 protocol, transmitting a hi frequency signal, which is overlaid to the electric power, this way both the power channel and the data channel use the same infrastructure. X-10 is the ideal technology for small dimension installations and it presents, as major advantages, the large and variety offer of products, simple installation, accessible price and flexibility.

EIB/KNX Bus solutions
The EIB/KNX system is more expensive than the X-10, therefore it demands a dedicated infrastructure and cable (the physical “bus” which transports the protocol EIB/KNX signal) parallel to the electric installation. However is the most complete and professional protocol in the market, developed by the wide know companies (Siemens, ABB, among many others), being specially optimized for larger residential spaces or services buildings like hospitals, hotels, industrial or office buildings. For this kind of solutions we recommend a contact with CentralCasa so that we can arrange a meeting in order to understand the requirements and a posteriori we could elaborate a solution that “fits” your residential building.
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