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Currently there are several home automation protocols available on the market, some were created from scratch, others were adapted from existing systems (security systems, video intercom, etc.). These may be gathered into two major groups:

  • Standardized protocols – These protocols are opened to any company, thus ensuring the future of technology and the existence of a huge variety of products from different manufacturers, who communicate and interact with each other.
  • Proprietary protocols – are developed and manufactured by a single company. The bet on these solutions implies a huge risk, because if the company decides to stop betting on this technology, the customer is left without a guaranteed support and without the possibility to expand the system.

The CentralCasa strongly encourages the bet on open protocols, thus guaranteeing a better support to the customer, which does not depend on a single company, and a larger product portfolio. The table below provides a comparison of the available technologies.

Table 3 – Comparação dos protocolos de domótica
Protocol Ease of installation available Portfolio Reliability / capacity Price

In short, the X-10 protocol is currently the most economical and easy to install communication technology in a domestic environment. The construction of a small home automation network is a task within the reach of any common user and allows you to execute small automation solutions even in homes already built, without requiring the installation of any type of cabling.

However, the X-10 is a technology with some operational limitations, in which the commands supported are limited to switching on, switching off and regulating the intensity of the light bulbs. Due to its technical constitution it is a relatively slow protocol in sending commands and does not support the confirmation in the transmission of messages.

These disadvantages have been reduced with the development of the protocol (A10 and S10), in which a better relation signal/ noise and bi-directional modules was introduced. Several of these products are available in the area of micro-modules and X-10.

The CentralCasa, with the aim of focusing on a greater coverage, is a certified EIB Partner, providing EIB/ KNX equipment of different manufacturers and offering quotation, design, installation and EIB networks parameterization services. For more information, see the area of services.

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