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VL58 - 5.8Ghz Video Sender
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The VideoLink ADVANCED enables you to transmit a video signal from your VCR, Satellite receiver, Cable box, DVD-player, DVD-recorder, Satellite receiver, set top box, PC etc. to a (second) TV without running wires.


The transmitter sends an Audio/Video signal from 2 different sources to the receiver via 5.8GHz radio frequency signals. The receiver converts the radio signal back into an A/V signal. The receiver also converts the infrared signals sent by the remote control of the A/V source into radio frequency signals. The transmitter will then reconvert these signals into infrared signals in order to control the connected A/V devices.


Using the 5,8GHz frequency, you will normally have no problems with distortion from wireless (WiFi) networks, Cordless phones and microwave for example.

Technical information


  • Range: Up to 100m free field, up to 30m through walls and ceilings;
  • Power: 230VAC/50Hz, 7.2VDC adapter;
  • Frequency: A/V: 5.8GHz, 4 channels (A, B, C, D). ;
  • IR: 433.92 MHz ;
  • A/V input: 1x Mini-DIN (A/V IN ) ;
  • 1x RCA (A/V IN 1x Video 2x Audio) ;
  • A/V output: 1x Mini-DIN (AV OUT) ;
  • Video input: 1Vpp (typ) 75 Ohm;
  • Audio input: 1Vpp (typ) 600 Ohm;
  • Audio: Stereo Analog;
  • Dimensions: 140x100x140mm (with upright antenna) ;

  • Power: 230VAC/50Hz, 7.2VDC adapter;
  • Frequency: A/V: 5.8GHz, 4 channels (A, B, C, D) ;
  • A/V output: 1x Mini-DIN (AV OUT) ;
  • UHF output PAL-B/G: Channel 36;
  • UHF output PAL-I: Channel 48;
  • Video output: 1Vpp (type) / 75 Ohm;
  • Audio output: 1Vpp (type) / 600 Ohm;
  • Audio: Stereo Analog;
  • Dimensions: 92x58x20mm (with upright antenna) ;

Pack details

1 Transmitter;
1 Receiver;
1 RCA cable (white / red / yellow);
2 SCART adapters (labeled Transmitter);
1 SCART adapter (labeled Receiver);
2 Power Supply adapters;
1 IR Extender cable with 3 LEDs;
1 SCART adapter (labeled AV OUT);
1 3,5 mm jack plug / RCA adapter (audio);
1 UHF Coaxial cable;
3 Mini-DIN / RCA cables (white / red / yellow);
1 User manual;

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