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ZAX12 - Two way X10 shutter micromodule
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With the Shutter Switch you are able to control your motorised 230V blinds, curtains and shutters with a switch or remote control!

The ZAX12 needs to be connected to your (230V) mains and mounted in a wall- or junction box. To enable you to control the shutters/blinds manually, the micromodule should be connected to a 2-way momentary switch, either with 2 make-contacts (Up/Down function) or 4 make-contacts (Up/Down, Preset and Lock function).

Because the micro-module contains a 2way communication system, it is able to communicate with other modules. This enables you to control all your shutters with one switch (all individual shutters need a SW12 module to receive and execute the command).

The Shutter Switch can be controlled manually or remotely with X10 commando’s (through the existing wiring). The Intelligent ZAX12 has a memory for window measurements and the previous position.


• Available settings; fully closed, fully open, and all of the desired intermediates
• Micromodule with built-in relay with two contacts for connecting a 230V motor.
• Can be controlled remotely with every X-10 signal (also simultaneously multiple modules). Of course local operation also remains possible.
• Invisible installation behind existing switches or wall outlets. Brand and model of the switch can be chosen freely so the ZAX12 can be used in every interior and installation.
• Equipped with a preset function; a position for rolling down shutters (for instance a day-/ventilation position) which can be pre-set.
• Local blocking position for blocking the motor during for instance cleaning of the windows or maintenance.
• Lowers, in combination with the CM15Pro™ computer interface, the sun blinds automatically during the day in places where the sun shines inside. This way you protect your furniture against the sunlight, keep the house cool and simulate that you are at home.
• Quick and easy to install and to program.

Technical information

• Voltage: 30 V AC+/- 10%, 50 Hz
• Switching capacity: 500W/230 VAC with temperature and mounting restrictions. • Protection:
• Continuous driving time maximum 4 minutes.
• Output temperature protected.
• Use: < 1 W
• Fuse: Radial lead micro fuse, 4 AT.
• Power consumption: < 30 mA capacitive
• Signal transmission: > 5 Vpp in 5 7 at 120 kHz
• X-10 transmission: 1 pulse at 0° and 180°
• Signal sensitivity: 5 mVpp...6 Vpp at 120 kHz ± 4 kHz
• Signal to noise ratio: 1.35 : 1
• X-10 Key codes transmitting: ON, OFF, extended
• X-10 Key codes receiving: ON, OFF, DIM+, DIM-, extended, Status Request
• Connection range: Up to 2.5 mm2, tightening moment 0.5 Nm
• Ambient temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C
• Relative humidity (non condensing): 30 to 90%
• Dimensions: 46x46x16mm.

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