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SC9000 - Wireless security system. Now with a PH7208 siren for free
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The security system SC-28 joins the functions of a security system and the functions of a home controller. The system is capable of protecting your home and control your X10 equipments.


Receive a telephone message in case of an emergency, wherever you are. The built-in telephone dialer (Tone and Pulse) can dial up to six different telephone numbers. The person called receives a spoken message indicating a burglary, emergency alarm or mains power failure is in progress. 3 different alarm messages: custom recordable (burglary) message + fixed multi lingual emergency and power failure message. Use the phone to listen to what is causing the alarm.
Intelligent sensor control: the console checks functions and battery status of it’s sensors.
Multi lingual menu control makes installation and configuration easy.
Register up to 30 wireless sensors with the console. Includes 2 inputs for wired sensors (zone 31+32). Selectable ALWAYS sensors for emergency purposes.
2 Arm Home Modes by pressing ARM HOME once or twice. ARM HOME once, only D/W sensors will be armed. Second key press arms also Motion Sensors in zones 1-16.
Can register a mix of up to 16 wireless remote controls (KR18/KR28/SH600) and/or emergency sensors.
Silent alarm possible (no siren). Additional PH7208 siren and/or SH10 Remote Chime available.
Dial in: by calling the system, you can control the system remotely and check the status (speech feedback). The Base Console also lets control Home Automation functions.
Status/feedback functionality with both lamp and remote chime (multi-tone).
7 days timer; create events to occur only selected week, weekly or random (14 timer points).
Events log (latest 40 security events).

Technical information

  • RF signals range: 15 to 30m with walls, up to 100m in open field. Up to 30 wireless detectors and 2 wired zones;
  • Power supply: 230 V;
  • Built in siren power level: 95 dB/m;
  • Backup power: 4x AA Alkaline batteries (up to 24h on standby) ;
  • Communications method: standard telephone line;
  • up to 6 phone numbers can be stored in memory;
  • Up to 30 wireless detectors and 2 wired zones;
  • Built in siren power level: 95 dB/m;
  • Dimensions: 220x140x40mm;

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