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DNLOCK iBEACON - Danalock Beacon
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In combination with Beacon, your Danalock opens your door automatically and safely as you approach your home.


The Beacon is a small Bluetooth transmitter, which is placed close to the Danalock and acts as a trigger for the auto-opening function. When a user approaches the door, Danalock's application on the smartphone detects the Beacon and sends the command to unlock the door.


To maintain control, you can activate "Tap to Unlock" function and the door will only be unlocked after you confirm this. Auto-Unlock with Demarcated Area
The auto-unlock function automatically unlocks the lock, but Danalock can not distinguish whether you approach the door from the inside or the outside. Therefore, it is necessary to demarcate an area, which ensures that the Danalock automatically unlocks only once to your door - that is, when you get home. Auto-Unlock Without Demarcated Area
Without geofence, the user needs to exit the receiving area of ??the Beacon during min. 5 minutes. If you enter the area again, the application sends a new opening command. Home

Technical information

  • Power: Battery (1 x CR2477) with a useful life of 1 year;
  • Dimensions: 55 mm x 38 mm x18 mm;
  • Weight: 30g;
  • Adhesive surface, to easily attach near the Danalock;
  • Compatible with iOS APP (iPhone 5 and iOS 9.3) and Android (5.0.1)

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