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PK_DOM_FIB04 - Set of 5 Fibaro Magnetic Sensors
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5 x door-window sensor from FIBARO of your choice:
ZWFIB FGK-101 | Z-Wave door-window sensor white
ZWFIB FGK-102 | Z-Wave door-window sensor grey
ZWFIB FGK-103 | Z-Wave door-window sensor black
ZWFIB FGK-104 | Z-Wave door-window sensor light grey
ZWFIB FGK-105 | Z-Wave door-window sensor light brown
ZWFIB FGK-106 | Z-Wave door-window sensor brown
ZWFIB FGK-107 | Z-Wave door-window sensor dark brown>

Note: In the observation field please define the references and quantities of your choice.

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