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ZWFIB FGGC-001 - Swipe
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FIBARO Swipe (FGGC-001) is a revolutionary, battery-powered gesture control pad that allows you to control devices through the Z-Wave network. Swipe your hand up, down, left or right in front of the pad, make circular gestures and use sequences of gestures to get full and intuitive control of your smart home.


SWIPE recognizes six simple gestures – up, down, left, right, circle to the left, and circle to the right – which can be assigned and used to control any Z-­Wave smart home device or other connected smart products such as door locks or alarm panels, TVs, music systems and more. With SWIPE, swiping down at bedtime could easily trigger a ‘Good Night’ scene that turns off the lights, lowers the blinds, locks the front door, and arms the alarm. Swiping left in the kitchen while cooking could turn on music, adjust the temperature on the thermostat, and turn the lights on in the dining room to prepare the home for a family meal.
six gestures


Actions speak louder than words.
The action of gestures helps us communicate with other people, express our emotions, and visualize what we expect....
So, why not use gestures to communicate with our smart home? With the intuitive nature of gestures in mind, we designed SWIPE - anexceptionally simple and beautiful device.
Swipe gives you the power to control your Smart Home… with natural movements of your hands. It’s not only a uniquely designed photo frame, but also an intuitive controller, which activates all scenes without the need to touch anything. In this magical way, your life becomes even more convenient.

six gestures

Technical information

First Z-Wave device for gesture control in the connected home
Contactless gesture control, also with wet or dirty hands (e.g. in bathroom and kitchen)
Can be positioned visible (e.g. as picture frame on the desk) or hidden behind wallpapers or under tabletops
Power supply optional via Micro-USB or battery

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