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PK3 NS310-F - Pack 3 Schuko Adapter Plug with Power Meter
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Greenwave’s PowerNode is an intelligent plug adapter which has to be placed between a wall outlet and an electronic device. It can measure the connected device’s energy consumption and report to a smart home controller or gateway. Furthermore it is possible to control the PowerNode adapter plug from afar via web browser, smartphone, tablet pc and time plan automation as well.
Thanks to Z-Wave wireless technology PowerNode is compatible to most smart home gateways in the market – i.a. Fibaro Home Center 2, Home Center Lite, Zipabox, Z-Way on RaZberry or WD SmartHome System.
A small wheel on the adapter plug’s side can be used to adjust it to a color indicating belonging to a defined device group or room area. This little trick enables you to distinguish different PowerNode adapter plugs within your home. It is also possible to set the wheel to “lock” (padlock symbol). This function blocks the smart home gateway’s access and prevents from inadvertently shut-off.
The Greenwave PowerNode has a bright status display for different information depending on its color: on, off, limited wireless range, inclusion and exclusion.
In addition the device is equipped with overcurrent protection securing the device itself and the connected device as well. The device’s output will be deactivated in case of a defective device or an electrical short. Additional protection comes from internal fuse.

Technical information

  • Maximum load current: 10A (resistive);
  • Maximum load power: 2400W (@240V) ;
  • Load monitoring precision: +/- 0.1W;
  • Over current protection: 10A internal fuse;
  • Surge protection: yes;
  • Standby consumption: 0.4W;
  • Frequency: 868MHz;
  • Operation temperature: 0ºC to +25ºC;

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