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ZWtkbTZ67E - Z-Wave Plug-in Dimmer
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The TKB Home TZ 67G is a dimmer plug-in and is used between a standard British wall outlet and lamps connected to a wall outlet by cable. The unit is included into a Z-Wave network by a remote control, PC software or any other kind of Z-Wave controller. It dims standard lamps only (resistive load). Local operation is possible by pressing the button on the device.

Technical information

  • Power rating: 230V, 50 Hz;
  • Maximum load: up to 300W, for incandescent lamps only;
  • Distance: up to 30 m in buildings;
  • Display: LED inside push button;
  • Local interaction: one button for switching, inclusion, exclusion and association;
  • Power supply: via 230 V power;

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