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RS-232 - RS-232 interface + software for Visonic Powermax panels
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RS-232 PC programming kit for Visonsic’s Powermax/Powermaster 30 panels.
When used with the USBtoRS232 interface and the Mios app "Visonic PowerMax Alarm Panel Plugin", it allows the Vera gateways users to control their Visonic alarm systems.

Technical information

It can be used with the following Visonic panels:

  • Powermax Pro;
  • Powermax Express;
  • Powermax Complete/HS;
  • Powermaster 30;
  • Powermaster 10;

Pack details

The kit is composed by:

  • DUAL RS_232 interna adaptor;
  • 1.5m UTP cable with RJ-45 connectors;
  • RJ-45 / RS-232 Adaptador;

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