August 2008

Dear client,

Go on holidays at ease with our security kits. We offer you some of our products at the best market prices.

This month we are offering an annuity of the new VisãoWeb version on purchase of an Axis 207w camera with a router. We’ve also extended the promotion deadline of the ECO packs, due to the large demand. So, if you haven’t done it yet, you can order it this month.

Have a nice holiday!

See you soon
The EuroX10 team

Security Kit
Do not leave your house unprotected. Go on holiday at ease with the EuroX10 security kits. The best consoles at the best prices!

Homeprotector Kit
BS880/4 € 214,27 | more info
OFFER Panic button*

BS880/7 € 303,55 | more info
OFFER Encrypted 8 in 1 command *

Jablotron Kits
PK8_SEC_004 € 558,58 € 620,64 | more info
PK9_SEC_005 € 632,62 € 702,91 | more info
PK3_SEC_006 € 251,75 € 279,72 | more info
PK3_SEC_007 € 441,76 € 490,85 | more info

*Offer limited to the existing stock
The Axis 207W pack at an incredible price!**

Through the local network or through the VisãoWeb application, distance is no longer a problem, allowing access to your facilities without any limitation, from anywhere in the world. Go on holiday and take your spaces with you!
A router, camera/IP transmitter and the latest VisãoWeb version at an unbelievable price. Do not let this opportunity pass you by.

** We're offering an annuity of the new VisãoWeb version

Kit Axis 207W with VisãoWeb € 618,32 | more info
Poupe em stand-by
Save on stand-by, buy the ECO packs
This month we’re suggesting packs which allow you to save on electricity. All these products allow you to switch off the appliances.
Device Control € 89,85 € 96,26 | more info
RF Control  € 88,91 € 95,26 | more info
Light Reg. € 89,85 € 96,26 | more info
Light Reg. through the Switch € 134,70 € 143,49 | more info
Light Reg. with Micro-module € 125,98 € 135,20 | more info
Light Reg. with two output
€ 131,63 € 140,23
| more info

50% desconto

Powermid Dual Power Pack
The Powermid Dual Power increases the range of your current infrared controls. You can control the appliances you want (television, cable, stereo…), from any room in the house without installation. Have you seen the prices?
UR81 € 5,55 € 11,10 | more info
PM10B  € 17,51 € 35,02 | more info
Powermid Kit € 23,06 € 46,12 | more info

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Control your A/V equipment from another room

By using the wireless UR81 control and the wireless Powermid Dual Power PM10B infrared extensions you can control your A/V equipment from another room in the house. In order to use this kit you just need to install a receiver unit next to the equipment you wish to control (by making all necessary connections), install the transmitter in the desired place and configure the wireless control. The wireless control can control up to 8 different pieces of equipment (TV, VCR, DVD players, satellite receivers, etc.) by infrared and has an extensive code library which covers most of the brands in the market.


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