January 2009

Dear Client,

Due to the cold weather we have been having, EuroX10 decided to create an Air Conditioning special.
During the next few days, you will receive seven amazing pack proposals, easy to install, in order to fight the cold in the best way.
Stay tuned and do not miss our suggestions

See you soon
The EuroX10 team

Newsletters and domo-tips

You must have already noticed that all of our newsletters are available for future reference on our website, at the bottom right of the webpage.
At the request of several clients, we are going to create a special area just for the domo-tips, thus making it easier to look for them. Stay tuned because the solution for any query/difficulty you might have had might be there.




ZWIN RA-PLUS-w - Danfoss radiator control

In many homes, the central heating radiators are set on the same temperature 24 hours a day.
It is a little like leaving the lights on even when there is no one home, because it is comfortable to come home with the temperature set to our taste. 
With the intelligent Danfoss radiator control (Z-Wave), ZWIN RA-PLUS-w, the thermostat reduces or turns off the heating when you are not home and intensifies or turns it on when you are coming home. 

Through the INNOVUS MyHomeyou can create an air conditioning map of your home and interact with schedules, temperatures and rooms to be air conditioned.  For example, you can plan different schedules for the workdays or those of rest.  Depending on the time, you can activate just the rooms or leisure areas.  It also allows the same area to have different temperatures depending on its use. 
You can add a compatible thermostat to optimize the use. 

Innovus SmoothRemote


Free products and voucher

Do not forget that until the end of the month there is a promotion of a free product on purchases higher than 70€.
When you are closing the purchase, choose your present!
The amount of the vouchers was changed. Now in order to have an 11€, 23€, 50€ and 105€ voucher, just make a purchase higher than 200€, 400€, 800€ and 1600€, respectively.



Portes grátis

Pick your gift and gain a 5€ voucher with each registration

This month, for purchases above €70, CentralCasa offers you a product of your choice.

In the final step of your purchase, after confirming payment, a window will pop-up displaying the products you can get for free.

Pick yours!

Register your EuroX10 account until the 31st of January and get a 5€ voucher to use with any purchase.

*one voucher per registry. Voucher expires one month after you get it.


Promoções A/V
Promoções S10

Promoções X10

Sistema ASLO da Govena


In January, the month of Sales, we also have several promotions for you.  We have lowered the prices of many of our products again.  Check for yourself!

UR81 € 4,99 € 9,79 | more info
SL18 € 33,43 € 38,21 | more info
HiFir € 16,70 € 19,08 | more info


S2026 € 26,71 € 31,31 | more info
S2027 € 28,97 € 33,97 | more info
S2223 € 28,48 € 34,58 | more info
S2225 € 37,08 € 45,02 | more info
3160E € 50,13 € 60,87 | more info
PK3_S3160E € 145,02 € 171,88 | more info
S1141 € 39,92 € 67,87 | more info
3160M € 62,99 € 89,23 | more info
PK3_3160M € 168,49 € 214,14 | more info


SS13 € 36,49 € 58,40 | more info
SM10 € 31,08 € 40,09 | more info


Kit A-S100-0G € 51,64 € 60,55 | more info


Fechaduras BiométricasPowermax


Because security is becoming increasingly more vital, check out all the products we chose this month.
Don’t miss the opportunity to also check out all the promotions on our webpage.

Biometric Lock

Biocav BDF1000 € 288,19 € 417,60 | more info

Powermax (security)

PIR NEXT MCW € 49,78 € 53,04 | more info
NEXT K9-85 MCW € 64,42€ 68,64 | more info


WD-18 € 23,39 € 34,56 | more info
GD-18 € 23,39€ 34,56 | more info
CWSD10 € 39,12 € 58,68 | more info


P4000 - Pixord € 489,84 € 628,20 | more info


see more promotions


Wireless AV transmitter

The SL18 is the smallest wireless 2.4GHz AV transmitter in the market.  Owing to its design and small size, this piece of equipment goes unnoticed because it is directly connected to the SCART inputs/outputs (21 pins).  Since the A/V receiver is usually installed in a place out of the reach of IR signals, there is a third piece of equipment (ST18IR), which receives IR signals and converts them into RF 433MHz signals.  The A/V transmitter includes a RF signal receiver for the signals emitted by the ST18IR, which are once more converted into an IR signal, which is sent to the destination equipment by means of an EXLED extension.

            Sistema ASLO da Govena

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