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    Universal GSM module (dual band) with backup battery pack

    €149.49 incl tax
    The Universal GSM module is easy to connect (install) with your HomeGuard or other PSTN alarm panels, by inserting a telephone wire in both analogue inputs. The GSM module enables the control panel to communicate via cellular networks.
    The modem translates the analogue signals and converts them into a GSM signal. A SIM card (prepaid or subscription from any provider) has to be placed inside the GSM module.
    The GSM module creates a two-way communication. This enables your security system to send an alarm alert to your mobile phone in cause of an emergency, and makes it possible to monitor and control your security system remotely.
    This model is supplied with an E-plug.

    Backup battrery for the Powermax Pro security console

    €47.97 incl tax
    Replacement NiMH battery pack for the Visonic Powermax Pro security console.

    Backup battery wireless sirens

    €7.01 incl tax
    Maintenance-free rechargeable lead-calcium batteries with 6V voltage and 1,3Ah capacity. This type of battery has a long lifetime and do not need any other care other than charging.

    Lithium battery for MCS-710/30

    €39.20 incl tax
    Lithium battery for MCS-710 and MCS-730 wireless sirens.