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    Heatit full range of smart home products available on eurox10

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    HEATIT Z-DIN 616

    €192.00 excl tax
    The Heatit Z-Din 616 is designed to be mounted on DIN rails. It features 6 potential free outputs capable of supplying 16Amps at 230V, and 6 digital inputs. This makes the Heatit Z-Din 616 a flexible DIN rail mounted Z-Wave device, which may be used for anything from controlling lights to motors or contactors.


    €95.00 excl tax
    The Heatit Z-Relay may be used to control high-current loads and it has power metering functionality. This makes you able to discover any installation that uses too much power, causing your electrical bill to skyrocket. It can also be used with a leakage sensor and a solenoid valve, enabling you to turn off the main water supply before it is too late. You can also setup notifications when leak is detected, so you can feel extra safe.

    HEATIT Z-Water

    €200.00 excl tax
    The Heatit Z-Water is designed to be used with the Heatit Z-TRM2fx thermostat or the Heatit Z-Temp. With a thermostat in each room, the Heatit Z-Water controls the solenoid valves that control the individual heating zones. It also has 4 analogue inputs for 10KΩ NTC, which may be used to measure exact temperatures where needed.