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    Z-TRM2fx thermostat for electrical floor heating.

    €146.37 incl tax
    Heatit Z-TRM2fx is an electronic thermostat for electrical floor heating. The thermostat has a built-in Z-Wave chip that can be connected with Home Automation systems like Fibaro, Futurehome, Smarthings, Homeseer, Vera, Zipato etc. Heatit Z-TRM2fx is equipped with a single pole switch and it fits most System 55 frames (Elko RS16, Schneider Exxact, Gira, Jung etc.). The thermostat can withstand a load of max 13A /2900W at 230V. At higher loads the thermostat must control a contactor. The thermostat may be connected to two wired external sensors but it hasn't internal temperature sensor. The thermostat has the capacity of up to 5 associations (relays, wall plugs etc.). The thermostat is designed for electrical heating. It can also be used for waterborne floor heating when linked with Heatit Z-Water. Art. 54 305 60

    Z-Wave Wall Thermostat

    €146.37 incl tax
    This equipment is an electronic wall thermostat for flush mounting in a standard wall box. The thermostat has a built-in Z-Wave chip that can be connected with your Home Automation systems. The thermostat is equipped with a single-pole switch an can handle loads up to 16A/3600W at 230V. The Device can be used with two external temperature sensors and shows the ambient temperature, either in the room or floor. The sensitive cap sense buttons can be used to set new values by lightly pressing.

    Z-Wave Plus integrated.

    art. 54 304 99