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    Encrypted remote control 8 in 1 - touch screen (IR+RF+X10)

    €15.00 excl tax
    The 4073 is a universal command with a tactile screen, with a backlight of deep blue, especially geared towards the control of X-10 devices by encrypted radio frequency (RF) and infrared (IR) signals, allowing however the control of 4 multimedia devices (DVD, TV, etc.) by IR. It is compatible with the X-10 RF encrypted receiver S4022, being able to control all the house codes, unit codes and the X-10 commands “On”, “Off”, “All Lights On”, “All Units Off”, “Dim” and “Bright”.
    Its memory is well adapted to the day-by-day needs, being able to store 4 macros with up to 8 commands each and to learn IR commands to control 4 different devices.
    It has a keyboard lock and is supplied with a docking base to be applied to the wall.

    Sports Link

    €16.25 excl tax
    Watch Sport anywhere in your house!
    Enjoy, watch and control A/V equipment anywhere in your house, even trough walls and ceilings, thanks to wireless technology.
    Suitable for wireless transmition of sound and pictures, and control of A/V sources such as DVD Player, VCR or Satellite receiver.
    IR Feedback Channel for existing remote control.

    X10 PC RF Encrypted Interface (Serial Port)

    €15.00 excl tax

    Solar Keychain with 3 Led

    €4.06 excl tax
    Solar Keychain with 3 Led

    Solar flashlight with radio

    €13.74 excl tax
    Solar flashlight with radio.

    Christmas Lights series for outdoor

    €14.55 excl tax
    This product consists in 9 Christmas lights for outdoor use, the lights are supplied by a solar panel. It charges during the day to shine at night.

    Solar lamp for the garden

    €24.31 excl tax
    This product consists in a solar lamp that can replace the existing light bulbs in the garden, with the advantage of being fed with a clean and economic energy. Through a solar panel, you can ensure the lighting in your garden at night, using renewable energy and reducing the electricity bill.

    For optimum performance, the solar panel should be exposed to direct sunlight for at least eight hours per day. So choose an installation location free of obstacles; covered or shaded sites lead to an incomplete upload and thereby reduce the light time and durability of batteries. The duration and intensity of lighting depends on geographical location, weather conditions and the amount of sunlight received (and therefore also the season).

    Avoid choosing a location close to another light source to avoid flicker, or malfunction of the automatic lighting system.

    The sun lamp must be fully charged for 2 sunny days in advance to get the best results.

    2 measuring Calipers for ECOWATT

    €21.06 excl tax
    Equipment for measurements in three-phase installations.