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    Magnetic door contact

    €74.78 incl tax
    Magnetic door contact with panic button EWD1 is a wireless device with magnetic contact which are used to secure doors, windows or any other opening parts and operating with ELDES wireless security systems. Users have to bind it to the central device of security system (by sending a corresponding command via SMS message or using software „ELDES Configuration Tool“). When EWD1 is connected to the system, two wireless zones are added. First wireless zone is used to monitor the magnetic contacts and the second wireless zone is for managing the panic button. By default panic button zone is configured as Silent zone and in case of violation, system will cause an alarm to administrator numbers or/and to monitoring station without turning the siren on. It is possible to connect up to 16 wireless devices to the central security system at a time. Maximum distance for wireless connection is 150 meters (in open areas).

    David GSM communicator

    €336.40 incl tax
    The GD-04 David is a universal GSM dialer and controller. DAViD provides 2 output contacts of power relays and 4 input terminals. The GD-04 can be easily set up by using the configuration web page.

    GSM Alarm and Control system

    €128.54 incl tax
    Alarm and control system ESIM021 is used to inform a maximum of two users through the GSM network that an alarm has occurred. Users may also control one electrical device via their mobile phones, e.g. they may switch a lighting system on and off or open and close a gate.

    ESIM021 may be connected to an intruder alarm control panel. It has two digital inputs (normally open), so that one detection device may be connected independently of the intruder alarm control panel, or alternatively two detection devices may be connected to ESIM021 without needing a control panel.

    When a triggered zone is restored to pre-alarm, the system also sends an SMS or voice message confirming that this has been done.

    Either user may turn the heating or lighting on or off, open gates, lift blinds etc. by sending ESIM021 a text message. Only one electrical device may be controlled in this way. The system remembers the status of output in the case of temporary electricity failures. The system will ignore requests and calls coming from unknown telephone numbers.

    Outdoor wireless siren

    €126.20 incl tax
    Outdoor wireless siren EWS2 is external power supplied siren with integrated wireless module EW1. This wireless module EW1 connects to ELDES wireless security systems and managing EWS2 siren to work with the system. Users have to bind it to the central device of security system (by sending a corresponding command via SMS message or using software „ELDES Configuration Tool“) and configure input zones and outputs. Connected devices are recognized as central security system devices and can be controlled via system phone number. The siren has integrated battery and in case of power supply failure, it starts alarming. When the system is violated, the siren alarms for one minute. EW1 module also has one unused zone and one unused output. They can be used to connect variuos additional devices such as motion sensors, smoke detectors and etc (see wireless expansion module EW1 manual).

    DTMF module

    €20.15 incl tax
    The GD-04D allows relay X and Y control by entering numeric codes (DTMF codes) on the telephone keypad during calls. The DTMF codes intended for use have to be programmed.

    GSM Alarm and Control System

    €233.70 incl tax
    ESIM264 is an Alarm and Control System (GSM Caller) for the security of premises and control or management of electronic devices through GSM network. The basic advantage of the GSM system is the user’s ability to know immediately what’s happening at their home, apartment, warehouse, summer house or other premises even when the user himself is a long way away – in another city or even in another country. It also has a remote control switch to turn on or turn off 4 or more different devices just by sending SMS messages.

    • System can be armed and disarmed in one of three ways: via keypad EKB3, key iButton® or free-of-chage call from your phone;
    • ESIM264 supports the CONTACT ID protocol which is required to transmit signals to a Monitoring Station;
    • ELDES wireless devices can be added to the system using the EWT1 module. This increases the maximum number of Zones to 44 units and the maximum number of Outputs to 44 units;
    • Automatic Output control – the system may enable / disable individual Outputs automatically when a specified event occurs;
    • Fault reporting: The system automatically reports if any of the sensors or sirens disconnect from the system;
    • Battery check option - checks the health of the battery and reports when the battery needs to be replaced;

    PIR motion sensor

    €81.80 incl tax
    PIR sensor EWP1 is a wireless device with integrated motion detector for use as part of the ELDES wireless security system. The sensor allow expanding security zones administrated by the systems up to 16 additional zones and also the installation is comfortable and simple as it does not require any wired connections between the system devices. The user only needs to turn on the required number of PIR sensors EWP1 and connect them to the control panel, either by sending a command via SMS message or using the ELDES Configuration Tool software.

    GSM Alarm burglar system

    €264.08 incl tax
    EPIR is a security alarm system that works with GSM network.

    Alarm system ELDES EPIR supports CONTACT ID protocol which is required to transmit signals to Monitoring station.

    ELDES EPIR868 (ELDES EPIR version with installed 868 MHz radio transmitter-receiver) can operate as an access point for wireless ELDES devices.

    GSM pager for cars

    €210.33 incl tax
    The system DZEUS is a micro-processor device used to remotely observe and control cars, motorbikes and other vehicles through GSM network.