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    Jablotron 60 Series

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    Wireless Keypad

    €66.40 excl tax
    The JA-63F keypad is designed to control and program alarm systems of Jablotron’s JA-60 series.

    Wireless siren

    €105.00 excl tax
    The JA-63A siren is designed for outdoor use.

    Exterior Siren 115dB

    €45.50 excl tax €58.00 excl tax
    This siren was designed and made in Portugal.

    It has been designed for exterior use. Get is power trough the alarm central and a backup battery incorporated.

    Have a tamper that originates an alarm in case of cover violation.

    Wired Motion Detector

    €20.32 excl tax
    The Mercury family offers full area vision with look-down zones, automatic temperature compensation and high-end design.

    Wireless push button

    €21.10 excl tax
    The RC-28 is designed to be used as a wireless door bell button. It works with the UC-260 receiver as well as the UC-216, UC-222 and the UC-280 receivers.

    Dual-Tech Motion Sensor (PIR & Microwave) with Pet Immunity

    €39.75 excl tax
    The detector provides an analysis of environmental conditions through the entire movement speed frequency spectrum, allowing focus on intruders and eliminating environmental factors of false alarms. The spectrum analysis is embedded in the VLSI based electronics of the detector assuring high reliability and trouble free operation.
    As the LC-104-PIMW-W is a combined technology (PIR & microwave) an alarm signal relay activation occurs only when signals from both sensors (PIR & MW) are present at the same time. The effective detection range is the range of which the patterns (PIR & MW) are intersected. The GAIN potentiometer adjustment changes the MW signal intensity so that the effective pattern will be scaled.

    GSM dialer module

    €200.60 excl tax
    The JA-60GSM dialer is constructed for JA-60, 63 and 65 alarm control panels. The dialer is used for communication via GSM. Appropriate GSM provider is chosen by inserted SIM card.

    Remote Control

    €19.60 excl tax
    The RC-22 remote control is designed to work with Jablotron's controllers (UC-216, UC-222) and/or the JA-60 wireless security system.

    Universal indoor wired siren

    €8.38 excl tax
    This type of acustic indicator is 12VDC powwered and can be used as a powerful indoor siren.