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    outdoor wireless PIR detector (dual zone)

    €304.22 excl tax
    The JA-88P wireless PIR detector is designed to indicate disturbance outside the building caused by human bodies. It is a two-zone outdoor detector by Optex supplemented with a transmitter compatible with JA-80 OASiS systems. Both the detector and the transmitter are powered by three lithium batteries. Both devices have a common power supply and the low battery signal is transmitted to an ESS control panel as a standard. The detector is equipped with two TAMPER contacts (front and rear), which immediately report opening of the detector cover or its possible tearing from the place of installation. The detector regularly performs automatic tests and reports its status via control transmissions to the system.

    Universal output module

    €50.80 excl tax
    The JA-68 is a universal output module designed for use within Jablotron systems of the JA-80 OASiS, JA-63 Profi and JA-65 Maestro series. The module provides eight factory reprogrammed semiconductor outputs and a switch-over relay output. The relay can be configured using 10 DIP switches which allows for multiple function assignment. There is no limit in the number of JA-68 modules used in the system. There is no limit to the number of JA-68 modules used in the system and the JA-68 module can be combined with GSM, LAN or PSTN (landline) communicators.
    The module is designed for being placed into the control panel housing.

    Wireless Acoustic Indicator

    €43.20 excl tax
    The UC-260 can be used as a wireless indoor siren, a melody doorbell or as a chime.

    Backup battery for OS-36x sirens

    €14.00 excl tax
    4,8V 1800mAh rechargeable NiCd battery to be used with the OS-36x wired sirens.

    LARGO P.I.R. detector

    €12.88 excl tax
    This P.I.R. motion detector is used to protect interiors. It detects any movement of objects with a temperature close to that of the human body.

    Module of 8 Inputs

    €21.90 excl tax
    Module of 8 wired inputs for JA-65K control panels.

    Combined smoke and heat detector

    €42.90 excl tax
    The detector indicates fire hazards using the built-in LED indicator and alarm outputs ALARM and TAMPER. These outputs must be connected to control panels complying with EN 50131-3.
    The SD-282 ST consists of two independent detectors – an optical smoke detector and a heat detector. The optical smoke detector works on the principle of scattered light and is very sensitive to dust particles which are present in smoke. There is also a built-in heat detector for detecting fire which generates heat quickly with a small amount of smoke. The microprocessor performs digital analysis for a high false-alarm immunity.

    Lan Communicator

    €184.50 excl tax
    The JA-60WEB communicator is designed for JA-63 and JA-65 alarm control panels. The dialer is used for communication with a central monitoring station via an Ethernet network / the internet.

    Curtain detector for exterior

    €110.80 excl tax
    The detector CURTAIN-P-R creates an area of protection or privacy (like a curtain) to protect places like entrances, windows and open fields. This type of detector allows the free movement of people and within the protected area without an alarm sounded. The detector has protection, waterproof, allowing it to be installed indoors or outdoors.
    To increase the reliability of detection and false alarm immunity the detector is equipped with protection against attempts to block (masking) of the IR beam. Detects transparent objects like glass and plastic and attempts to block the lens through spray paint.
    The detector CURTAIN-PM also combines two detection technologies through detection: passive infrared and microwave.