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    USB computer interface cable

    €29.27 incl tax
    Jablotron JA-8X and JA-6X series control panels can be connected to a computer via the JA-80T interface cable. Connect the control panel’s external digital bus connector to the JA-80T interface input using a cable with suitable RJ connectors. Then plug the JA-80T’s USB plug into a free USB port on your PC. The correct drivers must be installed in to the computer to use the JA-80T. Once installed you can start using ComLink software - using this software the user/installer can easily program, operate, and test the system, read the latest events and much more.

    Miniature 360o Ceiling Mount PIR Detector

    €55.35 incl tax
    Disc is the smallest 360o ceiling-mount PIR detector available today. Boasting a miniature size of 8.6cm (3-3/8 inches) and sleek elegant design, Disc blends inconspicuously into any d?ecor.

    Wireless Interface

    €152.15 incl tax
    The UC-280 is an 8-zone interface linking JA-60 wireless detectors with hard-wired security control panels.

    Dual Technology Digital PIR Detector

    €44.28 incl tax
    The Next Duo is a Dual Technology Digital Detector designed to prevent false alarms due to interferences in residential and light commercial environments. A passive infrared (PIR) sensor and a complementary active microwave sensor are combined in a single unit, giving Next Duo an unprecedented capacity to distinguish between the motion of a human body and any other disturbance.

    Wireless Control Receiver

    €59.29 incl tax
    The UC-216 is a three channel receiver of coded signals.

    Flexible External Antenna

    €18.57 incl tax
    External antenna for the wireless equipment series Jablotron JA-60.

    Magnetic Door Sensor

    €3.08 incl tax
    Magnetic door sensor Normaly closed contact

    PICCOLO SMS Terminal

    €23.00 incl tax
    The MT-77 Piccolo terminal is a communication accessory for Jablotron home system. It should be connected to JA-6x control panel equipped with GSM communicator.

    VIVO glass break detector

    €23.74 incl tax
    The GBS-210 glass break detector detects the breaking of glass windows.