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    PowerCode™ Wireless Magnetic Contact

    €45.20 incl tax
    The MCT-302 is a fully supervised PowerCode™ magnetic contact transmitter, designed primarily for protecting doors and windows using a built-in magnetic contact that operates in conjunction with a magnet to detect the opening and closure of a door or window. This highly reliable top-performance wireless device is easy to install and operate in a wide range of residential and commercial environments.

    Universal GSM module (dual band) with backup battery pack

    €149.49 incl tax
    The Universal GSM module is easy to connect (install) with your HomeGuard or other PSTN alarm panels, by inserting a telephone wire in both analogue inputs. The GSM module enables the control panel to communicate via cellular networks.
    The modem translates the analogue signals and converts them into a GSM signal. A SIM card (prepaid or subscription from any provider) has to be placed inside the GSM module.
    The GSM module creates a two-way communication. This enables your security system to send an alarm alert to your mobile phone in cause of an emergency, and makes it possible to monitor and control your security system remotely.
    This model is supplied with an E-plug.

    Wireless Remote Commander

    €78.41 incl tax
    The MCM-140/MCM-140+ is a wireless remote control unit for the PowerMax family control panels. The MCM-140 and MCM-140+ differ in their transmitted ID type and functions.
    1The MCM-140/MCM-140+ enables the user to arm/disarm the alarm system, to initiate emergency/fire/panic alarms, to perform one of the AUX (auxiliary) functions (see Note 2 and 3 in Section 7), to turn lighting devices on and off, and PGM control. The keypad includes an RF transmitter that sends out a differently coded RF signal for each command.
    For PowerMax, the MCM-140 enables activation of the Aux (Auxiliary), seven home control outputs (X-10), one PGM output, Fire and Emergency functions. Each button needs to be individually defined for the AUX, PGM or X-10 functions at the corresponding points of the define panel and define outputs menu of the control panel.

    Advanced Wireless PowerCode™ Glass-Break detector

    €143.91 incl tax
    The MCT-501 is a fully supervised digital glass-break wireless detector compatible with PowerMax™ and other Visonic PowerCode™ wireless systems. It is designed for a wide range of residential and commercial applications where reliable glass-break detection is required.
    The MCT-501 employs an advanced patented acoustic pattern recognition technology that can reliably distinguish between true alarms and false alarms. It provides 360o detection range of up to 6m (20 ft) and can detect breaking of different types of glass including plate, tampered, laminated and wired.

    Emergency Button

    €62.73 incl tax
    The MCT-220 enables people, for example senior citizens in their home environment, to transmit an emergency call when they are at some distance from their communication unit.

    Internal GSM/GPRS Module for PowerMax Systems

    €216.79 incl tax
    GSM-350 is a cellular communication module that connects some of the PowerMax® systems to the alarm central station. The module can report via GPRS* data channel and/or through the GSM network. This enables a high-speed and highly-reliable communication channel in cases of line failure or tampering with the standard telephony lines.

    In addition, it supports remote operation and event reporting via SMS. For any property without land-based telephone lines, the GSM-350 is a must-have. It extends the control panel functionality to any site, such as homes with VoIP-based telephony, anchored boats and isolated vacation houses.

    The module is internal and fits in the PowerMax system, so no additional external elements are needed. The integrity of the backup communication channel is ensured through continuous monitoring.

    LARGO P.I.R. detector

    €15.84 incl tax
    This P.I.R. motion detector is used to protect interiors. It detects any movement of objects with a temperature close to that of the human body.

    COMBO P.I.R. & glass break detector

    €30.87 incl tax
    The JS-25 COMBO is an outstanding "two in one" detector, which dramatically simplifies alarm installations.. This detector combines two sensors (P.I.R. motion & acoustic glass break) in one housing.

    IP Communication Module

    €255.84 incl tax
    Advanced Internet-based Home Control Solution for PowerMaxPro

    Visonic’s PowerLink is the most comprehensive Internet-based solution for advanced home security and control. It enables alarm central stations, security service providers and homeowners to leverage the full power of Internet connectivity to take their home security, safety and automation to the next level.

    At the most basic, PowerLink offers a plug and play broadband IP event notification solution. And, with connection to up to 14 cameras placed around the premises, PowerLink can expand to an IP-based video alarm verification solution offering smart recording and fast forwarding of events to the alarm central station.

    IP-based Event Notifications

    With more and more homeowners moving to VoIP communications, leaving behind PSTN lines, broadband becomes an ideal method for cost-free alarm event notifications delivery to central stations. Visonic's PowerLink Internet-based home control and surveillance system features built-in IP-based event notification capabilities. By simply plugging the PowerLink system into a free port on the home router, the alarm system is connected to the IP receiver at the central station – with no need to configure the system or the router. This provides a true plug and play experience for both the security installer and alarm central station. In addition, PowerLink provides a rapid supervision mechanism, enabling the central station to enjoy commercial-grade line supervision to all connected home security systems at zero cost.

    Utilizing PowerLink as an IP-based event notification solution requires that Visonic's IPMP (IP Management Platform) be implemented as an IP receiver at the central station.

    Image Alarm Verification the Right Way

    As PowerLink is fully integrated with the PowerMax® home security system, it has the ability to send alarm time images based on real motion detection, which significantly reduces the cost to service providers and hassle to homeowners of false alarms.

    The system enables central stations to receive image alarm verification information within seconds of the alarm time compared to the several minutes it takes with GPRS or PSTN-based alarm verification solutions. Moreover, alarm time images can be forwarded to the homeowner's email or mobile phone for immediate view and verification. By the time the security service provider calls, the homeowner already knows if the person that activated the alarm is authorized to be there or is an intruder. This means that the police or a central station guard is sent to the premises only when truly necessary.

    Enhanced Consumer Web Services

    PowerLink is not only a broadband event notification solution but a full-grade service platform that enables service providers to offer enhanced, web-based security and surveillance services to their customers. Homeowners can login to the secure PowerLink web portal, accessible from all standard PC and mobile phone browsers, and via an easy-to-use interface control their home security system, view its status, control X-10 compliant home devices and view live and alarm time recorded video from wireless and wired IP cameras. In addition, homeowners can set up the system to notify them by email or mobile phone text message whenever security, home devices or camera events occur.

    Total Control PowerLink is offered with the Visonic IPMP - IP Management Platform. The IPMP serves as an IP receiver in alarm central stations as well as a full grade service platform for consumer web services. By implementing the IPMP, service providers gain full control over the PowerLink service, including account and service management, billing, messaging, and much more.