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    Curtain detector for exterior

    €136.28 incl tax
    The detector CURTAIN-P-R creates an area of protection or privacy (like a curtain) to protect places like entrances, windows and open fields. This type of detector allows the free movement of people and within the protected area without an alarm sounded. The detector has protection, waterproof, allowing it to be installed indoors or outdoors.
    To increase the reliability of detection and false alarm immunity the detector is equipped with protection against attempts to block (masking) of the IR beam. Detects transparent objects like glass and plastic and attempts to block the lens through spray paint.
    The detector CURTAIN-PM also combines two detection technologies through detection: passive infrared and microwave.

    Wireless PowerCode Digital Mirror PIR Detector

    €74.72 incl tax
    The TOWER 40 is a microprocessor-controlled wireless digital PIR detector, designed for easy installation, free of vertical adjustment. It features parabolic and cylindrical mirrors with uniform detection sensitivity throughout its operating range, up to 18 meters (59 ft), with creep zone protection.
    The advanced True Motion Recognition™ algorithm (patented) allows the TOWER 40 to distinguish between true motion of an intruder and any other disturbances which may cause false alarms.
    An on-board motion event jumper determines whether 1 or 2 consecutive motion events trigger an alarm.

    Photoelectric Dual-Beam System

    €142.31 incl tax

    The VMX-150D is a rugged dual-beam photoelectric detector designed for a wide variety of outdoor and indoor residential, commercial and industrial applications up to 25m (80ft) outdoor or 50m (165ft) indoor.

    Single-Output Wireless PowerCode™ Receiver

    €89.48 incl tax
    The MCR-304 superheterodyne receiver is designed for easy and cost-effective upgrading, enabling hard-wired control panels to operate with wireless remote devices. Compatible with all Visonic PowerCode™ and CodeSecure™ devices, the MCR-304 receiver supports up to 10 wireless devices – including hand-held and portable units, window/door transmitters and a variety of detectors and other devices. The MCR-304 is designed for wireless alarm, emergency and arm/disarm applications as well as for remote control systems and gate openers for garage and parking lots. It is easy to install and program utilizing a unique "Easy Learn" technique for transmitter enrolment. It provides all the features professionals require, including low battery reporting, tamper protection, RF signal jamming and transmitter inactivity output indication. When used with CodeSecure™ devices, the MCR-304 implements a rolling code encryption algorithm to prevent "code grabbing" by potential intruders trying to defeat the security system.

    Wireless Temperature Detector

    €63.65 incl tax
    The MCT-560 is a fully supervised wireless PowerCode detector used with the PowerMax Pro (Ver. 5). The detector alerts the alarm system control panel upon detecting critical indoor or outdoor temperatures. The detector generates an alarm message when its sensor detects that the temperature has reached a certain temperature point. A restore message is generated when it crosses back the threshold temperature point. There are a total of four fixed temperature points and the user can enable one or more temperature point.
    The MCT-560 can be used in instances where temperature detection is critical. Other examples of detector usage are as follows:
    • Activating and deactivating pipe heaters at locations where low temperatures may causes the water in pipes to freeze.
    • Warn of possible electrical device malfunction due to high or low temperature levels.
    • Alerting elderly people of a significant rise or drop in room temperature.
    The MCT-560 detects both indoor and outdoor temperatures. The detector monitors room temperature using an internal sensor. For outdoor or refrigerator installations, a waterproof temperature probe (optional) is used.
    When the probe is connected, the temperature measurement is performed only by the probe sensor. When the probe is not connected, the temperature measurement is performed only by the detector's internal sensor.
    Once the predefined temperature is reached, the detector wirelessly updates the alarm system control panel which then sends a notification to the central station or uses the PGM/X-10 controls to switch on a connected appliance, for example, a heater or air conditioner.

    Backup battrery for the Powermax Pro security console

    €47.97 incl tax
    Replacement NiMH battery pack for the Visonic Powermax Pro security console.

    VIVO glass break detector

    €23.74 incl tax
    The GBS-210 glass break detector detects the breaking of glass windows.

    Backup battery wireless sirens

    €7.01 incl tax
    Maintenance-free rechargeable lead-calcium batteries with 6V voltage and 1,3Ah capacity. This type of battery has a long lifetime and do not need any other care other than charging.

    Magnetic Door Sensor

    €3.08 incl tax
    Magnetic door sensor Normaly closed contact