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    Vision PIR-Sensor Z-Wave plus

    €43.92 incl tax €54.89 incl tax
    This motion detector (PIR = passive infrared receiver) detects the presence of a person in a room. The units send information to a controller or any other associated Z-Wave device.
    Up to 4 devices can be controlled from this device.
    Beside the motion detector function the device also works as temperature sensor.
    The installation can be done with screws or double-sided tape.
    The device is battery-operated and therefore in sleeping mode unless an action is detected. After a programmable sleeping time the device wakes up and sends a status information. After this the unit goes back to sleeping modus.
    Batteries can be changed without unscrewing the device from the door or frame. The unit will give a visual warning on the device and sends a warning to the Z-Wave controller, when batteries need to be replaced.
    A tamper switch protects the device from removal or manipulation if used in security applications.
    The powerful CR123 Lithium battery lasts 3 ... 5 years on normal operation conditions. The device supports normal Z-Wave inclusion, auto inclusion and network wide inclusion for convenient handling.

    Door/Window Sensor

    €35.20 incl tax €44.00 incl tax
    Zipato’s Door/Window Sensor consists of sensor and a magnet. One piece mounts on the door/window frame, and the other mounts on the door/window itself. When the two components separate, sensor reports that door/window is open. When used with Zipato home automation controllers it can be part of any automation scenario created using Zipato Rule Creator. It can be used either to detect intruders or to automatically trigger other Z-Wave devices when activated Like all Z-Wave devices displaying the Z-Wave logo, Zipato Door/Window Sensor can also be used with various Z-Wave networks and controllers, regardless of the manufacturer.