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    Water detector for Homeprotector+

    €53.31 incl tax
    The detector has one NA (normally open) input for connecting the detector’s probe (included).
    Coded RF signal with 30m range in open field.
    Up to 30 detectors can be used with the SC-28 Homeprotector.

    Smoke Detector R.F.

    €57.27 incl tax

    The SD-18 can work autonomously as an fire indicator, launching a powerful alerts via an audible alarm soaked (85 db). It can also work in conjunction with the security console HomeProtector+ (SC28) offering the possibility of remote alerts by phone, it also can activate several technical elements such as solenoid valves or fans.

    Wireless Water Detector

    €34.94 incl tax
    Get warned by flooding and intervene to prevent against water damage. The ebode water detector is battery operated and provided with 2 sensors which have to be placed on the location where water will be expected. When detecting water or moisture the eWD18 will sound an alarm (85DB), like a smoke detector does as a stand-alone system. To register the eWD18 to an X-10 network (BS800 HomeGuard, SC-28 Homeprotector/ProtectorPlus BS880/4 and BS880/7), the water detector is part of your X10 security system and here an alarm message will also be given.