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    €99.95 incl tax
    Thermo is a thermometer with 16 infrared sensors that have more than 4,000 measurements to detect in just 2 seconds the hottest point, vibrating when the measurement is made.

    Smart Baby Scale

    €169.99 incl tax
    Withings' Smart Kid Scale offers a new way to accurately monitor your baby's growth. This Wi Fi and Bluetooth enabled scale measures a baby's weight by 10 gram increments so that you confidently know where your child stands. Readings automatically synchronize with the Withings Baby Companion iOS app which displays your child's growth charts and let you log your baby's bottles and breastfeeding. The app also helps you compare his weight with the typical weight of babies of the same gender and age. The Withings Smart Kid Scale converts from a baby to a toddler scale thanks to its removable baby cradle. You therefore use it to track your child's growth up to 25 Kg. The scale is easily setup from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using the Withings baby companion app. It allows tracking of multiple babies and toddlers (including twins) with automatic recognition.


    €299.95 incl tax
    Withings Aura is a well thought-out active system designed to both monitor and improve sleep quality through the combined use of a contact-free Sleep Sensor tucked under the mattress, an active light and sound Bedside Device, and a smartphone app. The sound device emits sound and music suitable for the phases of sleep and wake, the software analyzes the sleep pattern provided and rectify possible problems.

    Blood Pressure Monitor Wireless

    €129.99 incl tax
    Blood pressure monitor adapted to new technologies

    Body Cardio WS-60 White

    From €179.95 incl tax
    Withings’ Body Cardio WS-60 Scale will link up to your Wi-Fi and change the way you tackle weight loss and heart health. Giving super-accurate measures of everything from your heart’s Pulse Wave Velocity to your weight and bone mass, you can hook this up to the Health Mate app to keep track of your goals and history. The screen even gives you the weather forecast each morning, pushing you to start your day with a weigh-in. Being able to recognise up to 8 users, this clever bit of kit is perfect for the whole family.

    Body WS-45 Black

    From €129.95 incl tax
    The Smart Body Analyzer, or Body WS-45, measures your body’s stats and lets you know how healthy your living environment is. The scale automatically syncs your weight, body fat composition, heart rate and environmental data to your personalized dashboard available on the free Withings Health Mate app. Wireless connectivity of the scale makes set-up an effortless process.


    €199.95 incl tax
    Withings Home is a beautifully designed HD camera with environmental sensors and a video & air quality monitor that helps you keep an eye on your home, from anywhere, on your iOS or Android smartphone. Receive notifications when unusual noise, movements or indoor pollution spikes are detected. Works with the free Withings Home app.The highest technology, beautifully designed. Connect in HD to your home on your phone, from anywhere.