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    Areas of action


    Home automation can operate at different levels of security. The system, aided by sensors, can detect gas leaks, floods and fires, at their initial stage, immediately cutting off the water or gas supply, according to the alert. At the same time it sends a warning to the owner and to the responsible entities.
    The system also manages the security with regards to intrusion. Complete surveillance and intrusion systems can detect any presence in the vicinity or possible violations of the house perimeter.
    Equally important is the simulation of presence at home which is done through the intelligent replication of daily habits. The actions are carried out within a period of time, which is different everyday, conveying a real sense of presence in the house.


    The integration of equipment, such as air conditioning, central heating, or others, allows an increase in comfort, without increasing the energy spent, through an operation in accordance with schedules, presence and temperature. One can directly interact at any time via Internet or telephone.
    The simple adjustment of lights, blinds or other devices through a multimedia remote control or a simple touch panel increases the comfort of our space.
    The acceptance of home automation systems will occur naturally, in the same way that nowadays we do not need to stand up, if we want to change the channel or increase the volume of a television set. With home automation you can also control the lighting, the blinds and the heating, using the same remote control used to control your television set.


    The use of appropriate modules and devices allows the management of the energy spent through certain functions that regulate the intensity of the heat and light, together with movement sensors, sunlight, temperature, etc.
    You can optimize the energy consumption by taking into account the presence/absence, habits and schedules. A practical use of home automation systems is the automatic shutdown of all devices on sleep mode, such as televisions, DVD players, internet access routers, among others, when there is no one at home. This measure allows you to save up to 11% on monthly electrical costs.


    Based on the advance of the new computer and telecommunication technologies, home automation offers new advantages with regards to the remote interaction with your space. 
    All interactions with the system can be made by Internet or telephone with maximum security and privacy. It allows you to see and listen from the Internet and to even remotely control all the desired electrical equipment. 
    The usage of a house develops to higher levels, considerably increasing the comfort and safety of what is most important to us.