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    Eldes GSM Security Kit

    €338,86 IVA incluido
    This kit adds the indoor wireless siren EWS1 to the security sensor EPIRw.
    In case of alarm the system can send warnings via SMS or voice call and warn the people around with the siren.

    GSM Communicator Gateway

    €210,33 IVA incluido
    ET08 provides a "dial tone" and fully replaces a telephone landline for Alarm Control Panel reporting to the central monitoring station when telephone line is unavailable or has been cut or disconnected by PSTN provider. Can detect temporary service suspension by the service provider for technical or billing reasons even if a "dial tone" is still present. (optional extra)

    GSM motion detector

    €184,50 IVA incluido
    The motion detector operates very simply: it responds to human movements within protected area and informs the owner about this by calling mobile phone and sending SMS.
    From the technical viewpoint, this facility is an infrared volume announcer combined with GSM-communicator, built-in radio module allows to operate with remote controllers (turn on/off the protection mode).
    A number of patented knowledge, protected by the law of copyright, was employed at motion detector "EXPRESS GSM".
    GSM motion detector is supplied with power by Li-battery CR123 (3V). The manufacturer guarantees not less than 6 months of continuous operating with the same battery.
    Advanced options For those who want to make customs settings, there is such a possibility. There are many options to set up:
    • additional phone numbers for warning (up to 6 numbers);
    • additional remote controllers (up to 6 pieces) ;
    • warning method: call+SMS or only SMS. The first method is preferred as it is less probable to miss incoming call than SMS;
    • frequency of test messages and messages of balance. motion detector sends test messages to owner’s mobile phone with some frequency. They contain the information about signal strength and temperature of GSM-module, SIM-card balance. On default messages are sent once a week. It is possible to set up how often the messages of balance will be sent (along with every standard test message, along with every second, third, tenth etc. test message);
    • temporary delay of turning on the protection mode, of warning call;
    • time for automatic returning to protection mode after alarm. In case of false alarm motion detector will continue to protect the object and will not disturb the owner. In case of real entry, alarm messages will be sending continuously if trespasser hasn’t left;

    Radio module

    €78,18 IVA incluido
    By plugging the GD-04R radio module into the digital bus connector your David acquires the following capabilities:
    • Relay X and Y state transmission to UC or AC OASiS wireless receivers.
    • Input A to D activations via RC-8x OASiS wireless buttons or via JA-8x OASiS wireless detectors.
    • Relay X or Y control via RC-8x OASiS wireless buttons.
    • Relay X or Y control via a TP-8x wireless thermostat.

    The module has a built-in internal antenna. If necessary, a Jablotron external antenna of type AN-80 or AN-81 can be applied to extend David’s working range.

    GSM Control System

    €210,33 IVA incluido
    ESIM251 is a microcontroller based device used to inform users about the alarm in automatic or security systems and control one electric appliance -relay.

  • Alarm and control system ESIM251 works over GSM network.
  • It works 24/7, it always reacts to the incoming signal.
  • ESIM251 can control 1 electronic appliance (a relay) sending a password and a special command from a GSM phone of any of the users. You can, for example, turn on the heating, lighting, lift the gates, blinds etc.
  • The system will ignore requests coming from unknown telephone number or SMS message with wrong password.
  • Indoor wireless siren

    €74,78 IVA incluido
    Indoor wireless sirens EWS1 is a wireless device with integrated siren speakers which are used for operating ELDES wireless security systems. Users have to bind it to the central device of security system (by sending a corresponding command via SMS message or using software "ELDES Configuration Tool“). Connected devices are recognized as central security system devices and can be controlled via system phone number. The system adds one wireless zone and one wireless output. Wireless zone is used to monitor device and wireless output is used to control the speaker. When the system is violated, the siren alarms for one minute. It is possible to connect up to 16 wireless devices to the central security system at a time.

    USB link cable

    €38,87 IVA incluido
    A GD-04P link cable, which allows you to connect David to a PC through a USB port and perform any desired configuration using GDLink software.

    Backup module

    €54,74 IVA incluido
    This module is imbedded in a specially-enlarged replacement cover. Installation is performed by replacing the original cover, together with wiring the GD-04A module to the GD-04 circuit board via the corresponding connector.
    The backup battery requires approx. 72 hours to be fully charged. The battery provides approx. 12 to 24 hours of backup operation, depending on the output relay state and on the GSM signal strength (as with any GSM device, David’s consumption is higher in places with a low signal level as the transmitter power has to be increased).

    GSM Gate controller

    €159,90 IVA incluido
    ESIM010 is a microcontroller based device used to control gate automatics, road barriers or to remotely turn on the electronic device over GSM network.