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    SmartThings Hub V3

    €99.99 excl tax
    The SmartThings Hub V3 is the central connection and acts like the intelligent brain of your modern Smart Home. It allows you to connect wirelessly to a wide range of smart devices.
    The associated SmartThings App on your Smartphone becomes the basic control center. The hub connects to your router via Wi-Fi or the included LAN cable and is ready to go in no time.

    Note from Smarthings and Aeotec/Z-Wave Europe:
    "The former Samsung SmartThings Hub has only changed its name. Technically it is the same product.
    There is just a change in branding of this product. Now it is called “Aeotec Smart Home Hub - Works as a SmartThings Hub”.

    Based on a worldwide agreement between Samsung and Z-Wave Europe, Z-Wave Europe GmbH is the SmartThings sales channel for the “Works with SmartThings Hub” and other SmartThings components.
    Therefore, Samsung points customers and prospects to Z-Wave Europe, when they ask for the SmartThings Hub. Of course the user has access to the very large Smart Home Ecosystem, which is based on the SmartThings App."
    Availability: Usually available for shipment within 4-6 business days after ordering.

    ABUS HomeTec Pro Z-Wave

    ZWABU CFA3010S
    €199.00 excl tax
    The ABUS HomeTec Pro Z-Wave is the ideal solution for house and apartment entrance doors or office or service rooms. Once installed, these doors can be conveniently and easily locked or unlocked via your Smart Home App (requires a Z-Wave gateway). Installing the HomeTec itself is also simple. The maintenance-free and battery-powered drive can be installed safely in a few simple steps and without wiring. The only requirement is a door cylinder with emergency and hazard function that has a projection of 7 to 12 millimetres on the inside of the door. The emergency and danger function ensures that the door can still be opened and closed with the conventional key.

    HEIMAN Smoke Sensor

    €32.52 excl tax
    Hopefully, you will never need it, but in case of emergency it will save not only your belongings, but also life. A pot which stands on the stove too long or a forgotten iron…first there will arise smoke, then it will cause a fire.
    The HEIMAN Smart Smoke Sensor owns an accurate capture of smoke and you will alert acousticly and visually. In a serious situation the smoke sensor alerts with a red LED which flashes rapidly and with a noisy alarm. Furthermore there is the opportunity to receive a warning on your smartphone if you are not at home. This prevents a fire emerging from smoke and expensive consequential damages.
    Because of the use of the wireless technology Z-Wave the sensor can be connected to any Z-Wave gateway. Thanks to the latest Z-Wave Plus standard the Smoke Sensor ensures a battery lifetime of 3 years.

    NEO Coolcam - Motion Sensor (PIR) with Light Sensor

    €28.45 excl tax
    The NEO Coolcam Motion Sensor comes with a discret design like a ball and convinces by its high detection range of up to 7 meters. The installation is dead easy thanks to its wallmounting. Furthermore it measures the light sensitivity of the overwatched area in lux.

    Besides the motion sensor detects motion in a distance of up to 7 meters. In combination with other Z-Wave devices the sensor will help you to optimize your energy costs by switching the lights automatically and can also be uses for alarm scenes.
    Availability: 2 in stock

    POPP Keypad + ABUS HomeTec Pro Z-Wave

    €234.96 excl tax
    POPP Keypad + ABUS HomeTec Pro – the innovative door opener for your smart home

    The POPP Keypad in combination with the ABUS HomeTec Pro Z-Wave provides its owner more comfort, control and flexibility. With the pluggable Z-Wave door lock drive, apartments or front doors can be smartly opened and locked.

    Never worry about forgotten keys anymore. Never lock yourself out again. With the Keypad each of your family members gets an own access code.

    The installation of both products is comfortable and easy. It only requires a door cylinder with emergency function, which has a projection of 7 to 12 mm on the inside of the door. Both devices are battery powered. They can be installed with a few simple steps without any wiring.

    This article contains 2 products: ZWABU CFA3010S + ZWPOPE700045

    Smart Combustible Gas Sensor

    ZBZIP hm-hs1cg-m.g
    €31.71 excl tax
    Used for detecting combusting gas leakage and preventing danger caused by gas leakage. It also can be used as Z-Wave repeater to extend wireless transmission distance.

    Modular retrofit door cylinder for Danalock door lock

    €47.97 excl tax
    This door cylinder (26 mm inward) can be put together in a modular way to the according length enabling the assembly of the electric door lock Danalock (oval, square, V125 or V3).
    Scope of delivery contains all needed modules for the following lengths:
    - 35mm (Base without module)
    - 42mm
    - 45mm
    - 50mm

    The profile cylinder package also contains keys as well as all needed screws for assembly.
    Availability: Usually available for shipment within 4-6 business days after ordering.


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