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    Dimmer Bypass

    €9,67 sin IVA
    The Vision bypass allows operating small loads on Z-Wave controlled 2-wire dimmers.
    In the two-wire system the electronics of the dimmer or switch is powered by one wire coming from the mains supply plus one wire that comes from the load itself.
    This means that even when the load is turned off a small current runs through the load in order to power the Z-Wave electronic. This small current can cause a small load (e.g. a LED bulb with only 9 W) to flicker even when powered off. This flickering will also impact the dimming.

    Z-Wave USB Stick

    €30,07 sin IVA
    The Vision USB-Stick is a Z-Wave USB dongle. When attached to a host processor, it becomes a Z-Wave communication device, which exposes the Zensys API (SerialAPI) through integrated USB. The primary function of the device is to allow a host processor to control up to 232 Z-Wave devices using the Z-Wave technology protocol. Within the Z-Wave wireless network the Z-Stick acts as a static controller with enhanced (SUC/SIS) network management function. In order to use the full functionality a software application such as Z-Cloud or Z-Way is needed to run on the host. Z-Stick supports all kinds of third party software complying with the Zensys Serial API.