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    Dual zone outdoor wireless motion detector - curtain

    €320,91 IVA incluido
    The JA-87P wireless outdoor detector with curtain lens characteristics is designed to indicate disturbances outside the building caused by human bodies. It is a dual zone outdoor detector by Optex with a 5° angular width detection zone which makes it very suitable for guarding narrow spaces such as balconies, French doors, terraces, etc. It is supplemented with a transmitter compatible with JA-8x OASiS systems. Both the detector and the transmitter are powered by a lithium battery. The common power supply is beneficial as the low battery signal is transmitted to a control panel as standard. The detector is equipped with three TAMPER contacts (at the front on the detection part and the front and rear on the transmission part), which immediately report opening of the detector cover or its tearing from the place of installation. The detector can also have the anti-masking function activated. The detector reports its current status via control transmissions to the system.

    Infra-red barrier

    €802,62 IVA incluido
    The JA-80IR is designed to detect the interruption of infra-red beams by intruders walking between IR transmitters and receivers. The unit comprises an Optex sensor and a Jablotron transmitter and is powered by 4 lithium batteries. Tampering is also signalled to the control panel in addition to beam blocking and the results of regular self-testing.

    Mini-size Wireless Glass-break Detector

    €85,12 IVA incluido
    The JA-85B glass-break detector uses the analysis of air pressure variations combined with the characteristic sound of glass breaking and it is designed for indoor use in buildings or in cars. The battery-powered detector communicates via OASIS radio protocol.

    Mini-size wireless motion detector

    €88,31 IVA incluido
    The JA-85P mini-size motion detector uses a PIR sensor and it is designed for indoor use in buildings or in cars. The battery-powered detector communicates via OASIS radio protocol

    Wireless combined PIR + MW detector

    €129,15 IVA incluido
    The detector is used for human motion detection in the interior of a building. Thanks to the combination of motion and microwave detection, the detector is highly resistant to false alarms.
    The detector guards the same way as a classic PIR motion detector.
    When motion is sensed in the guarded area, the MW detector is activated to confirm the triggering of the PIR. Only after receiving a confirmed alarm signal from the MW unit, does the detector send an alarm report to the control panel.

    Wireless combined smoke and heat detector

    €122,88 IVA incluido
    It is used to detect fire hazards in the interior of residential or commercial buildings. The detector can be installed in mobile homes or caravans. The product is not designed to be installed in industrial premises.
    The JA-85ST detector uses wireless communication and it is powered with three AA batteries.
    The detector indicates a fire hazard using the built-in LED indicator and acoustic signalling.
    The JA-85ST consists of two independent detectors – an optical smoke detector and a heat detector. The optical smoke detector works on the principle of scattered light. It is very sensitive to large dust particles which are present in dense smoke. It is less sensitive to smaller particles generated by the combustion of liquids such as alcohol. That is why the fire detector also contains a built-in heat detector which has a slower reaction but is much better at detecting fire which generates only a small amount of smoke.

    Wireless dual-zone PIR motion detector

    €110,70 IVA incluido
    The JA-86P is a component of Jablotron’s Oasis 80 alarm system. It is designed to detect human body movement inside buildings. Detection in two zones makes this detector more immune to moving pets. The battery-powered detector communicates via OASIS radio protocol.

    Wireless Gas Leak Detector

    €105,16 IVA incluido
    The JA-80G detects mixtures of air and combustible gases or fumes (Natural Gas, Methane, Propane, Butane, Acetylene, GPL, Hydrogen, etc). The detector detects two levels of gas concentration, responding with two different reactions. The mains-powered detector indicates a gas leakage optically, and acoustically, and transmits alarm wirelessly via Oasis protocol.

    Wireless magnetic door detector

    €76,01 IVA incluido
    The JA-83M is a component of Jablotron’s Oasis alarm system. It is designed to detect the opening of doors, windows etc. The battery-powered detector communicates via OASiS radio protocol.