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    X10 Ebode

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    ebode emiter micromodule

    €18,95 IVA incluido
    The wireless Micro Transmitter allows you to add a switch for extra incandescent, halogen, low-voltage, energy saving and LED light fixtures.


    €21,96 IVA incluido
    The Micro Receiver allows the remote control of incandescent, halogen, low-voltage, energy-saving or LED lights.

    ebode Lamp module

    €29,95 IVA incluido
    The RPL is a lamp module, X10 compatible, that receives Powerline signals.
    The dimmer include in this equipment is prepared to control 230V incandescent or halogen loads from 60 to 150W.
    The RPL sends and receives the following commands: X10 ON/OFF, DIM/BRIGHT, ALL LIGHTS ON, ALL LIGHTS OFF and ALL UNITS OFF.
    The module address is electronically programmed.

    emiter / receiver R.F. micromodules pack

    €34,99 IVA incluido
    The MICRO MODULE PACK allows the installation of a wireless controller for incandescent, halogen, low-voltage, energy-saving or LED light fixtures.