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    Paddle for SW10G, LW11G e AW10G

    €4,99 IVA incluido
    Paddle for SW10G, LW11G e AW10G.

    Pack 10 dimming actuator

    €360,39 IVA incluido
    The LW12 is an in-wall module with built-in dimmer that can be installed behind existing momentary switches or wall outlets.

    The LW12 can be controlled with X10 signals via the mains or a momentary switch connected to the LW12. The LW12 has a memory setting for the last dimmer setting and uses SoftStart and SoftDim. The LW12 is the only X10 module that doesn't use a zero wire. This means it can replace a switch without having to use any extra wiring.

    The AW 12 reacts to the standard X10 commands that are: "All Units On", "All Units Off", "All Lights Off" from any X-10 controller set to its house code regardless of unit code or alternatively individual unit control by "On" an "Off" commands.

    House code and unit code are programmed using any X10 compatible controllers. There is an EEPROM that stores the house and unit code even when the power is cut.

    Pack 10 two load appliance in-wall modules

    €227,55 IVA incluido
    The S2268M module allow to control two individual loads, being small enough (43 x 47 x 18,9 mm) to fit behind a wall switch or junction box. It allows to control both internal relay either using any conventional electric switch (push buttons are not supported) or remotely, using any X-10 compatible controller.

    R.F. micromodule pack

    €46,95 IVA incluido
    Radio control of lights and other devices. Easy to use.
    The RMML actuator micromodules can be concealed behind regular switches, ceilings, technical boxes, etc. and can be controlled by the EM, R.F. switch emitter (battery operated), which can be placed anywhere in the wall or furniture.