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    Door/Window Sensor

    €34,56 sin IVA
    The door/window detector has a built in magnetic contact that activates the security system when the window or the door were the detector mounted is open.This detector allows you to proctet all the entrances in the building.
    The detector is powered by two AAA batteries and is connected with the security system via a wireless comunication, this means that the installation of the detector is simple and requires a minimum effort.
    The security system checks if the detector is ok. If there is a fault (low battries, problems, etc.), she is reported to the security system.

    Siren kit for outdoor, wired to the central Homeprotector

    €60,87 sin IVA
    Siren kit external, wired to the security console SC-28 Homeprotector.
    When the control panel SC-28 is triggered, sends a set of X10 signals to the grid that can be used to activate the lighting of your home or signaling systems such as sirens or fireflies.

    Módulo GSM Universal (doble banda) con batería de respaldo.

    €121,54 sin IVA
    El módem HAI-300E traduce las señales analógicas y las convierte en una señal GSM. Una tarjeta SIM (prepago o suscripción de cualquier proveedor) tiene que ser colocado dentro del módulo GSM,fácil de conectar con su consola de seguridad SafeGuard Haibrain® u otros paneles de alarma de PSTN, mediante la inserción de un cable de teléfono en las dos entradas analógicas.

    Wireless security system

    €72,73 sin IVA
    The security system SC-28 joins the functions of a security system and the functions of a home controller. The system is capable of protecting your home and control your X10 equipments.

    Emergency Remote

    €29,99 sin IVA
    Send a help message in case off na emergency. If the user presses the "Emergency Call" button an panic alarm is triggered.

    Motion detector

    €34,56 sin IVA
    The MS18 works with the Homeprotector security system. If the system is armed and the MS18 detects motion inside is field of view a RF signal is sent to the security system and a alarm is triggered.

    Remote Chime

    €23,86 sin IVA
    The Remote Chime is designed to work with the X10 Security Console or Home Controller to provide a pleasant annunciator chime when someone approaches. It will also respond as Siren in case the Security Console is activated. It can also be activated using the correct House Code and Unit Code from any X10 controller.

    PowerHorn Siren

    €58,56 sin IVA
    PowerHorn is used as an additional audio alarm unit for use with the Home Security System which gives an additional independent 110 decibel sound output when the security system is triggered. The PowerHorn will only trip a few seconds later after the alarm trips. It counts the sequence transmitted to flash lights connected to Lamp Modules after the lights have flashed 4 or 5 times. This prevents it from being accidentally tripped from any other X10 controller.
    You can also trip the PowerHorn from any other X10 controller, which is useful in panic situations.
    It can be added anywhere around the home; nobody wants to hang around when one of these activate.

    Water detector for Homeprotector+

    €43,34 sin IVA
    The detector has one NA (normally open) input for connecting the detector’s probe (included).
    Coded RF signal with 30m range in open field.
    Up to 30 detectors can be used with the SC-28 Homeprotector.