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    Pack 5 Double Button Wall Lamp Switches (2 Wires)

    €155,60 IVA incluido
    Local and remote control for incandescent lamps.
    LED Back light night switch indicator.
    Easy electronic codes setup - within 6 seconds.
    Can be controlled using wall switches or X10 compatible desk-top, wireless infra-red or r.f. handheld controllers. Can even be remotely controlled using phone or PC.
    Respond to X10 All Lights ON/All Units OFF command and Bright/Dim commands.
    Support 2-wires wall connections i.e. no neutral wire required.
    Requires signals to be greater than >100mV and 40W Loads.
    Brightness level memory retention.
    Soft touch push button.

    Pack 5 Double-Button Appliance Micro Switches

    €155,60 IVA incluido
    Rating voltage 230V a.c ±10% 50Hz
    Appliance and Fluorescent lamp Load < 800W X 2
    Device power usage < 1W
    Suitable temperature -10 to 50 degrees C
    Back part small size 43.25 X 47 X 18.9mm

    Pack 5 Single Button Wall Lamp Switch Modules (2 wires)

    €155,60 IVA incluido
    Normal Wall switch operation or remote control using any X10 compatible r.f., infra-red, desktop or PC controllers. Create multiple scenes controls.
    Can be controlled by event triggering e.g. motion detection, etc.

    Pack 5 Single-Button Appliance Micro Switches

    €155,60 IVA incluido
    On/Off control of load (no dimming).
    Conveniently, codes are electronically set and can be programmed in only 6 seconds.
    Ability to control from remote location through computer or telephone interface.
    Responds to the "All Lights ON and All Units OFF" commands.
    Local ‘manual’ control.
    Responsive to weak signals (25mV).
    Built in noise filter.
    Compatible with any X10 controller. Eg. Mini-controllers, Wireless series, Wall switch controllers, Telephone controllers, Computer controllers etc.