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    Wired input extension module

    €60.64 incl tax
    This module provides 10 additional wired inputs, thus extending the total capacity to 14 wired inputs.

    Universal output module

    €62.48 incl tax
    The JA-68 is a universal output module designed for use within Jablotron systems of the JA-80 OASiS, JA-63 Profi and JA-65 Maestro series. The module provides eight factory reprogrammed semiconductor outputs and a switch-over relay output. The relay can be configured using 10 DIP switches which allows for multiple function assignment. There is no limit in the number of JA-68 modules used in the system. There is no limit to the number of JA-68 modules used in the system and the JA-68 module can be combined with GSM, LAN or PSTN (landline) communicators.
    The module is designed for being placed into the control panel housing.

    Bluetooth adapter

    €72.57 incl tax
    The JA-80BT Bluetooth adapter (interface) allows you to establish a wireless connection between systems of the JA-8x series or the JA-6x series and PCs equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect the adapter to the control panel’s digital bus connector via an RJ cable supplied with the package. The computer is assumed to have all the hardware/software installed necessary for Bluetooth communication.

    Rechargeable 12V/2,2Ah Battery

    €12.67 incl tax
    Maintenance-free rechargeable lead-calcium batteries with 12V voltage and 2,2Ah capacity. This type of battery has a long lifetime and do not need any other care other than charging.

    USB computer interface cable

    €35.79 incl tax
    Jablotron JA-8X and JA-6X series control panels can be connected to a computer via the JA-80T interface cable. Connect the control panel’s external digital bus connector to the JA-80T interface input using a cable with suitable RJ connectors. Then plug the JA-80T’s USB plug into a free USB port on your PC. The correct drivers must be installed in to the computer to use the JA-80T. Once installed you can start using ComLink software - using this software the user/installer can easily program, operate, and test the system, read the latest events and much more.
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    Wireless Relay Output Module

    €82.41 incl tax
    The UC-82 is powered by an external 12V DC power supply and it provides 2 relays which can be controlled by radio signals and offers the following:
    • Remotely controllable relay outputs which follow JA-80 control panel programmable PG outputs;
    • Remote control of appliances using RC-8x controllers;
    • Relay output of JA-8x wireless detectors;