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    Z-Wave controlled Radiator Thermostat - Danfoss Living Connect LC-13

    ZWdan LC13
    €32.51 excl tax €56.90 excl tax

    Living connect® LC-13 is a Z-Wave controlled electronic radiator thermostat with a new firmware. It is controlled by either a Z-Wave compatible Controller or a central device called Danfoss LinkTM CC. The Danfoss LinkTM CC can also control hydronic and electrical floor heating and on/off switches in a building. living connect® uses Z-Wave wireless communication technology, is easy to install and is supplied with adapters for all thermostatic valves manufactured by Danfoss and most other radiator valve manufacturers.

    Living connect® is battery powered, compact and very easy to operate with only three buttons on the front.

    Additionally the temperature can be set wirelessly to a certain set point. The device has a scheduler inside that allows to set up to 9 different set point for each day of a 7 day week. This means that energy saving is even achieved when the controlling device is offline or not working. Local buttons can always overwrite the scheduled setting. living connect® features an open-window function, which closes the valve if the temperature in the room is falling dramatically.

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    Z-Wave temperature sensor

    €75.00 excl tax
    This Z-Wave device is used as a central temperature sensor for heating or cooling solutions with multiple actuators. The measured temperature is displayed. Two buttons allow to overwrite the setpoint temperature. It can be used as Z-Wave stand alone temperature sensor or to control heating, cooling of ventilation devices. The overwrite can be terminated for certain hours. After this time the setpoint temperature will go back to the redefined value.
    Beside the two front buttons the device has one more button on the top side. The use of this button wan be defined by the central controller. Possible functions can include a temperature boost (heat up as soon as possible) or the activation of a energy saving mode.