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    Wireless 2-Way PIR / PET Camera Detector

    €142.06 incl tax
    The EL4855/EL4855PI is a battery powered 2-Way wireless PIR/PET detector that includes an integrated camera for visual verification and is compatible with all Electronics Line 2-Way security systems.

    Wireless 1 & 2 Way PIR/PET

    €70.48 incl tax
    The EL Wireless 1 & 2 Way PIR /PET protects both iConnectTM and CommPactTM systems with advanced Passive Infrared (PIR) intrusion-detection capabilities by sensing motion in the protected zone – even in total darkness. Offering a choice of selectable 1-way or 2-way RF communication, the PIR is powered by two long-life Lithium batteries and includes a "sleep" feature that ignores events during disarming – for battery power-conservation, and for user privacy. A pet-friendly design enables a pet (up to 45 kg. / 99 lbs.) to roam freely without triggering an alarm. Easy to install, a built-in bracket enables either wall or corner mounting for optimal detection coverage.

    1&2-Way Wireless Curtain PIR Detector

    €98.39 incl tax
    The Wireless Curtain PIR is a stylish wall mounted passive infrared detector.

    2-Way Dual Magnetic Contact Universal Transmitter

    €64.03 incl tax
    The EL-4801DZ is a 2-Way wireless device that can be defined as a magnetic contact, universal transmitter or both in combination. The EL4801DZ is for use with the iConnect 2-Way security system.

    1 & 2-Way Smoke & Heat Detector

    €122.93 incl tax
    Electronics Line’s EL-5803 Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector combine advanced technologies within a compact and streamlined design, the ideal choice for homeowners seeking the highest safety standards.
    Smoke is detected employing an advanced photoelectric chamber, whiletemperature is monitored with two separate heat sensors that measure the rate-of-rise, as well as the absolute temperature. With a choice of selecting either smoke or heat detection or a combination the two, the Smoke and Heat Detector offers a more sensitive and dependable product for early detection of fire hazards in different environments with a reduced risk of false alarms.
    The Smoke Detector is EN14604:2005/AC:2008 certified, easy to install, and is compatible with all Electronic Line’s 1 and 2-way wireless systems.

    2-Way Wireless Vibration Detector

    €104.55 incl tax
    The 2-Way Wireless Vibration Detector senses low-amplitude vibrations around vulnerable access points, setting off an alarm before an intruder has a chance to enter the premises. Being 2- way, the sensitivity can be adjusted via the panel using a scale of 1-100, 1 being the lowest, and where necessary, can be modified via the remote programmer.

    This detector provides an added value in that it sounds off during the first stage of a break-in attempt, before any damage can be done.

    TWO WAY Wireless Flood Detector

    €87.80 incl tax
    The EL Flood Detector uses micro-controller based signal processing to provide early warning of water leaks.
    The compact, robust device is ideal for use in basements or near air conditioners and sinks, and works independently during power outages.

    DT outdoor detector

    €212.54 incl tax
    The Wireless Beyond DT detector integrates RISCO's state-of-the-art innovative technologies for optimal protection. The Wireless Beyond offers flexibility, ease of installation and auxiliary solar Swivel for unprecedented battery life.

    DT outdoor detector with camera

    €297.23 incl tax
    Beyond offers one of a kind combination of dual technology and integrated camera, providing crystal clear visual verification capability via the iRISCO smartphone app., web interface or monitoring station. These new features are combined with RISCO's unique detection technologies of Sway Recognition™ and Digital Correlation™ which drastically reduce false alarms in outdoor environments and Provide an ultimate outdoor detection solution.

    180 ° ball head for EL5835 detectors

    €23.94 incl tax