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    Sensative STRIPS Comfort

    €48.77 excl tax
    The STRIPS Comfort by Sensative is an ultra-thin sensor designed to the temperatur and the light level. Because of its ordinary design the sensor can be mounted almost invisibly on walls or ceilings in the middle of your rooms. Just as well you can use it outdoor.
    In combination with other Z-Wave devices the STRIPS Comfort enables a energy safing way of life and it generates more comfort within your own four walls. If you combine the temperatur and light sensor with the Roller Shutter the blinds or shutters are closed automatically if the temperatur goes above what you desire. So you control the climate in your rooms and secure your furniture at the same time.
    The STRIPS Comfort surprises with its design as well as with its battery which has got a lifetime up to 10 years. Furthermore the strip can alert you if the temperature or the light level reaches above or below a defined value.

    Sensative Strips Guard 700

    €48.77 excl tax
    The Sensative Strips Guard 700 is a revolutionary magnetic sensor for monitoring of windows, doors, and valuables. Z-Wave 700 provides highly developed technology, energy-saving communication and automatic energy management, also ensuring a long battery life. The strips are so thin that they can be mounted invisibly into a door frame or cabinets to monitor activity. Mounting are quick and easy through adhesive backing. The custom designed battery lasts up to 10 years. So it’s convenient, because no changing or charging batteries.