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    Z-TRM3 electronic thermostat

    54 305 99
    €98.18 excl tax €119.00 excl tax
    Heatit Z-TRM3 is an electronic thermostat for electrical floor heating, designed to be mounted in a standard flush box. The thermostat has a built-in Z-Wave chip that can be connected with Home Automation systems. Heatit Z-TRM3 has SmartStart. This feature allows the user to include all devices with SmartStart by scanning the QR codes on the devices. On startup all the devices will automatically be included in the gateway (requires SmartStart compability). This saves the installer a lot of work.

    Art. 54 305 99

    Z-TEMP2 thermostat for water based heating

    54 304 99
    €65.00 excl tax
    Heatit Z-Temp2 is a temperature sensor designed for use with waterbased heating systems. Using it in combination with the Heatit Z-Water regulator allows for an advanced waterbased heating solution that can be managed from a Z-Wave gateway.
    This is a “wire-free” solution, saving both time and money. All communication between the Heatit Z-Temp2 and the controlled device is 100% wireless. Heatit Z-Temp2 has SmartStart. This feature allows the user to include all devices with SmartStart by scanning the QR codes on the devices. On startup all the devices will automatically be included in the gateway (requires SmartStart compability). This saves the installer a lot of work.

    art. 45 126 66
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    HEATIT Z-Water

    45 124 75
    €210.00 excl tax
    Heatit Z-Water is a DIN-rail regulator for controlling hydronic heating. The module clips right onto a DIN-rail to add a variety of functions to your wireless Z-Wave network. Heatit Z-Water is equipped with 10 relay outputs and it has 4 analog/digital inputs. The module is power supplied from a 230V AC mains connection and is able to deliver an output supply of 24V DC or 230V.

    Heatit Z-Water relay outputs may be freely controlled from the Z-Wave network, and may be used for several purposes, e.g. on/ off control of lights, controlling valve actuators in an underfloor heating system, or controlling other home automation systems.

    Heatit Z-Water analog/digital inputs (different firmware versions) may be configured to work with different functionalities. They may be connected to potential free contacts, opencollector outputs, and may also control other Z-Wave devices; switches, dimmers, etc. Furthermore, the inputs may be used as scene controllers and send central scene notifications to the Z-Wave primary controller (via digital inputs only).

    Heatit Z-DIN 616 - 6 relay module

    ZWHEA 45 125 61
    €200.00 excl tax
    Heatit Z-DIN 616 is a 6 x 16A potential free relays for DIN rail mounting. The module is equipped with 6 relay switches and 6 digital inputs for mounting on a standard M36 DIN rail (EN50022).

    The 6 independent relay switches of the Heatit Z-DIN 616 can be freely controlled from the Z-Wave network and be used for many different purposes. All 6 relay switches are galvanically isolated from each other and may be used for controlling AC and/or DC loads. Each relay switch is rated for loads of up to a maximum of 16A.

    The 6 digital inputs can be connected to dry contacts, e.g. limit switches, door/window contacts, or push-buttons. Another option is to connect them to open-collector outputs from discrete sensors, e.g. PIR sensors. The 6 inputs of the Heatit Z-DIN 616 may also function as a scene controller and activate predefined scenes in other Z-Wave devices or controllers (by transmitting Central Scene notifications).

    The Heatit Z-DIN 616 is powered by a 10 – 24Vdc power supply. Initiation of Z-Wave inclusion and exclusion is executed by activating a push-button through a little hole in the front of the module. The Heatit Z-DIN 616 is equipped with a LED in the front of the module for different kinds of status indications.


    45 125 54
    €95.00 excl tax
    Heatit Z-Relay multipurpose relay module can be used for many different applications. The IP 55 rated casing makes it useful for any outdoor application. Can pull loads up to 16A and 25A. The relay has three inputs: analog or digital. You can use both analog and digital inputs, or a combination.

    Heatit Z-Relay is a multipurpose product and can be used for the following applications:
    • Boiler control
    • Leakage control
    • Temperature control
    • Outdoor applications
    The relay has 3 analog/digital inputs and can be used with a lot of different sensors and meters, from water meter pulse sensors to NTC temperature sensors.
    The relay comes in two different versions, 16A and 25A. They both have firmware updates (OTA), power metering and S2 security.
    We are able to make special firmware if a customer has a special requirement.

    HEATIT Z-DIM Z-Wave rotary dimmer

    €79.00 excl tax
    Heatit Z-Dim is a Z-Wave rotary dimmer for many different types of light sources. The Heatit Z-Dim works on low loads without causing the lights to flicker. It dims LED-bulbs from 1-200VA, 230V halogen and incandescent bulbs, dimmable LED-drivers and electronic transformers. The dimmer is not affected by start-up inrush currents. L+N leads must be connected.

    The dimmer is equipped with a multiway switching option. This allows you to light and dim a light source from one dimmer, and later turn it off with another one. Very practical for stairwells, long hallways, etc.

    The dimmer fits into standard Elko, Schneider Exxact and System 55 frame systems.

    ART: 14 444 44

    Heatit Z-Gateway

    45 126 88
    €150.00 excl tax
    Heatit Z-Wave Gateway is a smart home control unit with a modern design. Heatit Z-Gateway has SmartStart. This feature allows the user to include all devices with SmartStart by scanning the QR codes on the devices. On start-up all the devices will automatically be included in the gateway. This saves the installer a lot of work.

    This gateway allows you to control all Z-Wave devices in your home via tablet or mobile phone. The gateway is designed for easy setup and operation. With just a few clicks, you can easily add Z-Wave devices and create scenes. The settings are simple, but the possibilities are almost limitless.

    Push notifications are supported, so you get notifications from your phone when an event is triggered in the smart home system, even when the phone is in sleep mode.

    Voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Home is also supported, and you can manage the system through voice commands. The gateway has support for IFTTT, which makes it possible to integrate the gateway with almost any smart device on the market, as long as they have IFTTT support.

    The Heatit Z-Wave gateway gives you endless opportunities to tailor your smart home to your specific needs.

    Heatit Z-Push 2, 4 or 8 Button

    Heatit Z-Push Button x
    From €50.00 excl tax
    Heatit Z-Push Button Heatit Z-Push Button is a battery operated wall switch with 2, 4 or 8 push-buttons. The switch enables you to control the Z-Wave products in your smart home system. Managing your Z-Wave products becomes easy and practical. The switch can be set up to control scenarios or work in associations with other Z-Wave products

    Heatit Z-Push Button can control 1, 2 or 4 associations group with up to 5, 10 or 20 products or 4, 8 or 16 scenarios through your gateway. Heatit Z-Push Button 2 may not be used as a stand-alone unit; it must be included in a gateway to function.

    The switch fits into standard Elko, Schneider Exxact and System 55 frames.

    The switch is easy to install, and may be fastened with screws or double-sided tape.

    Cable for Heat-it Thermostat Software-Updates

    ZWHIT 5430497
    €57.50 excl tax
    With the optional usable cable you can update Heat-it thermostats' software and firmware.

    Floor Sensor Ø4MM for Heatit Thermostat

    €20.32 excl tax
    The Floor Sensor is ideal suited to measure soil temperature – especially when using a floor heating – and reporting to the Heat-it thermostat. Therefor the sensor can be laid in empty conduits and set into the ground.

    NTC 10 kOhm @ 25°C
    Cable length: 3 meters