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    External Room Sensor for HeatIt

    €49.19 incl tax
    This flat sensor is an optional accessorie for Heat-it thermostats. It allows precise air temperature measuring at any position in the room. Measured values will be reported to the Heat-it for thermostat control.

    The sensor owns a stylish glass surface and can be mounted to the wall directly.

    Cable for Heat-it Thermostat Software-Updates

    €70.72 incl tax
    With the optional usable cable you can update Heat-it thermostats' software and firmware.

    Floor Sensor Ø4MM for Heatit Thermostat

    €24.99 incl tax
    The Floor Sensor is ideal suited to measure soil temperature – especially when using a floor heating – and reporting to the Heat-it thermostat. Therefor the sensor can be laid in empty conduits and set into the ground.

    NTC 10 kOhm @ 25°C
    Cable length: 3 meters

    Wall Thermostat (white)

    €149.99 incl tax
    This equipment is an electronic wall thermostat for flush mounting in a standard wall box. The thermostat has a built-in Z-Wave chip that can be connected with your Home Automation systems. The thermostat is equipped with a single-pole switch an can handle loads up to 16A/3600W at 230V. The Device can be used with two external temperature sensors and shows the ambient temperature, either in the room or floor. The sensitive cap sense buttons can be used to set new values by lightly pressing.

    Z-Wave Plus integrated.

    HEATIT Z-Scene Controller 2

    Call for pricing
    The Heatit Z-Scene Controller 2 is our new innovative wall switch. The front is elegantly designed with a uniform diffused backlight in each square. The squares can light up in all colors which can be used to show the status of a lamp, as orientation light during nighttime, visual alarm and much more. Each square is a tactile switch that can hold up to four functions and control either a wired lamp or other Z-Wave devices, e.g. other light dimmers, roller shutters and power outlets.


    €158.67 incl tax
    The Heatit Z-TRM2fx is our newest thermostat, packed with innovative features. The thermostat works both with traditional electrical floor heating and hydronic systems. The thermostat gives you exact temperature measurements in your house, in order for you to monitor your house status while you are away.

    HEATIT Z-DIN 616

    €236.16 incl tax
    The Heatit Z-Din 616 is designed to be mounted on DIN rails. It features 6 potential free outputs capable of supplying 16Amps at 230V, and 6 digital inputs. This makes the Heatit Z-Din 616 a flexible DIN rail mounted Z-Wave device, which may be used for anything from controlling lights to motors or contactors.


    €116.85 incl tax
    The Heatit Z-Relay may be used to control high-current loads and it has power metering functionality. This makes you able to discover any installation that uses too much power, causing your electrical bill to skyrocket. It can also be used with a leakage sensor and a solenoid valve, enabling you to turn off the main water supply before it is too late. You can also setup notifications when leak is detected, so you can feel extra safe.

    HEATIT Z-Water

    €246.00 incl tax
    The Heatit Z-Water is designed to be used with the Heatit Z-TRM2fx thermostat or the Heatit Z-Temp. With a thermostat in each room, the Heatit Z-Water controls the solenoid valves that control the individual heating zones. It also has 4 analogue inputs for 10KΩ NTC, which may be used to measure exact temperatures where needed.