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    Heating Thermostat Comet

    €45.00 excl tax

    The Comet Z-Wave Thermostat heats your room right when you need it. So you do not have to enter a cold bathroom after waking up nor a cold home after coming home from work. In addition the thermostat lowers your heating and its costs.

    Thanks to the Z-Wave wireless technology the Comet thermostat can be included into and controlled by your Z-Wave gateway. Set the room temperature from your smart phone: It does not matter if you are on your couch or on the way. Of course you can define scenes in your smart home gateway which regulate the temperature fully automatic.

    As stand alone solution without a Z-Wave gateway you can program up to 6 times for heating or cooling per day. Thanks to “open window” detection the electric thermostat will stop heating as soon as you open the window to air the room and prevents you from throwing your money out of the window. Other functions like child protection, timer function, frost protection and many more can be activated over the menu-driven display.

    The installation does not require any tools and can be performed without any further knowledge – dead easy!

    Just take off the conventional thermostat and install the Comet. No need to drain water. Adapters for most common valves are enclosed in the package.

    Radiator Thermostat STELLAZ

    €44.90 excl tax

    StellaZ is a wireless Z-Wave controlled actuator suitable for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

    Sensor, controller and actuator are combined in a single device to allow a self-sufficient energy-efficient room control.

    The device has four different modes (Normal, Energy saving, Frost protection, direct valve control via Z-Wave) to control and regulate the temperature. It is also possible to readout the temperature via wireless Z-Wave requests.

    Open windows are automatically detected and lead to a temporary reduction of the heating power to save energy.