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    Corridor lens

    €2.08 excl tax
    Corridor lens for Jablotron's motion detectors. Compatible with JS-10, JS-20, JS-25, JA-60P, JA-80P, JA-80PB, JA-84P e JA-83P.

    Drill-in magnetic detector

    €2.44 excl tax
    Drill-in magnetic detector , NC contact with wires. Color Brown.

    IR Wireless Optical Barrier

    €370.72 excl tax
    The JA-60IR optical infrared barrier is designed to protect areas such as doors, windows, balconies etc. within a range of 5 meters.

    Mini Remote with 4 buttons

    €22.50 excl tax
    The RC-86 is designed to remotely control setting/unsetting, trigger panic alarms, and control other appliances. The big advantage is the possibility of configuring it to 433 MHz (JA-60 systems, UC-216, UC-222 receivers etc). The keyfob indicates its flat battery.

    Outdoor wired siren

    €62.80 excl tax
    The OS-366A is an hardwired outdoor backup siren combining a loud acoustic siren with a flashing light. The high-powered flashing light helps to locate the active siren

    Wireless Alarm System

    €119.90 excl tax
    Model JA-63KR (equipped with the "R" radio communicating module) has 16 wireless zones. Up to two JA-60 detectors can enrolled into each zone (totally 32 as a maximum). In total model 63KR has 20 zones (4 wired and 16 wireless).

    Orion wired motion detector

    €20.32 excl tax
    With an aesthetic curvilinear design, the Orion series of detectors offers excellent detection with advanced features.

    Wireless Glass Break Detector

    €51.50 excl tax
    The JA-60B is a modern wireless glass break detector that provides easy and reliable protection against robbery.

    Wireless Keypad

    €66.40 excl tax
    The JA-63F keypad is designed to control and program alarm systems of Jablotron’s JA-60 series.