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    Dimmer 2 - 250W Universal Insert Module

    ZWFIB FGD-212
    €77.49 incl tax
    Z-Wave Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2 250W

    Remotely controlled light dimming module is designed to work with various types of light sources. It may be connected to two-wire or three-wire configuration so it can operate with or without neutral lead. FIBARO Dimmer 2 can switch or dim connected light source either through radio waves or through the wall switch connected directly to it.
    New FIBARO Dimmer 2 is equipped with an algorithm of smart light source detection which makes configuration easier and ensures high compatibility of the device. It may be used as a switch with non-dimmable light sources (in 3-wire connection).
    Availability: In stock

    Dimmer Bypass 2

    ZWFIB FGB-002
    €15.99 incl tax

    Bypass Fibaro is a device complementary to Fibaro Dimmer FGD212. Its installation makes possible to dim light sources with minimum power consumption, such as e.g. single 0,5Watt LED. Please note it is possible to dim only light sources clearly marked as dimmable.

    Availability: In stock

    Door/Window Sensor 2

    ZWFIB FGDW-002-x
    From €63.96 incl tax
    FIBARO Door/Window Sensor 2 is a wireless, battery powered, Z-Wave Plus compatible magnetic contact sensor. Changing the device’s status will automatically send signal to the Z-Wave controller and associated devices.

    Sensor can be used to trigger scenes and wherever there is a need for information about opening or closing of doors, windows, garage doors, etc. Opening is detected by separating the sensor’s body and the magnet.

    In addition the FIBARO Door/Window Sensor 2 is equipped with a built-in temperature sensor.

    Double cover plate for Walli devices

    ZWFIB FG-Wx-PP-0003
    €6.15 incl tax
    Double cover plate for Walli devices.
    Availability: In stock

    Double Switch 2 - Relay Insert 2 * 1.5 KW Z-Wave Plus

    ZWFIB FGS-223
    €77.49 incl tax
    FIBARO Double Switch 2 is designed to be installed in standard wall switch boxes or anywhere else where it is necessary to control electric devices. FIBARO Switch 2 allows to control connected devices either via the Z-Wave+ network or via a switch connected directly to it and is equipped with active power and energy consumption metering functionality.
    Availability: In stock

    Fibaro Button

    ZWFIB FGPB-101-x
    €63.96 incl tax
    FIBARO Button is a compact, battery-powered, Z-Wave Plus compatible device that allows you to control other devices through the Z-Wave network and run various scenes defined in FIBARO System. Different actions may be triggered with one to five clicks or by holding the button down. In Panic Button mode, each press of the button results in triggering the Fibaro Alarm.
    With its small design and wireless communication, the FIBARO Button can be conveniently mounted on any surface and in any position or location at home, e.g. beside the bed or under the desk.

    Fibaro Double Smart Module

    ZWFIB FGS-224
    €77.49 incl tax
    The remotely operated FIBARO Double Smart Module is designed to turn electrical devices or circuits on and off.
    The Double Smart Module (FGS-224) allows to control two devices or circuits.
    The compact size of the device allows for the product to be installed in the housings of other devices. The devices can be controlled either via the Z-Wave network or with buttons connected directly to them.
    Availability: In stock

    Fibaro Intercom

    ZWFIB FGIC-002
    €822.87 incl tax
    The FIBARO Intercom is a smart/intelligent, elegant and multifunctional solution for those of you who always want to know who is at the door and what is going on around the house. The device allows you to take calls from the visitors not only when you are at home, but also when you are out. One screen - with an ultra-wide view of 180 degrees - lets you see a detailed preview of all the devices installed in the house and around it.

    The FIBARO Intercom also allows the visitors to leave video messages, when we cannot talk to them - it will be recorded in high, Full HD, resolution, onto a memory card. The device also has night mode, which is activated automatically right after dark and allows you to clearly see, who the unexpected night guests are.

    The FIBARO Intercom is also infallible if you forget the keys to our apartment. It will allow you to open the door using the app, by bringing the bluetooth-equipped phone closer to the device or by entering a predefined PIN code.
    Availability: Out of Stock - on backorder and will be dispatched once in stock.

    Fibaro Keyfob

    ZWFIB FGKF-601
    €63.96 incl tax
    FIBARO KeyFob is a Z-Wave Plus compatible, battery-powered, compact remote control.

    Six buttons allow you to control other devices through the Z-Wave network and run various scenes defined in FIBARO System.

    Configure actions for one, two, three clicks, holding the button and button sequences to suit all your needs.

    Built-in locking system will ensure that unauthorized person will not take control of your home.
    Availability: Out of Stock - on backorder and will be dispatched once in stock.

    Fibaro Motion Sensor Z-Wave Plus

    ZWFIB FGMS-001 ZW5
    €75.03 incl tax
    The Fibaro Motion Sensor is a universal Z-Wave multi-sensor. Along with detecting motion the device measures the temperature and light intensity. The sensor has a built-in accelerometer to detect any tampering of the device. The Fibaro Motion Sensor is battery powered device and designed to be installed quickly and easily on any surface. The LED indicator signals motion, temperature level, operating mode and can be used to see if device is within the Z-Wave network. The motion sensor can be used for lighting scenes and security monitoring systems.

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    Availability: In stock

    Fibaro Radiator Thermostat Sensor

    €24.60 incl tax
    The Fibaro Radiator Thermostat Temperature Sensor is a wireless temperature sensor which can be used with Fibaro Radiator Thermostat to provide best temperature regulation. It can be placed anywhere in the room and the device will use it as a reference point for the room temperature. One head can be paired with only one sensor, but one sensor can be paired with three heads.
    Availability: In stock

    FIBARO Smart Implant

    ZWFIB FGBS-222
    €57.81 incl tax
    This small device allows you to control the door of your garage or heating system, as a smart complement to your alarm system or simply to make all devices smart in your home. As an additional development of the Universal binary Sensor, the FIBARO Smart Implant controls the connected device, can be used for scene control, has a temperature sensor and is compatible with binary sensors. In addition to controlling the devices (ON / OFF), the device reads the sensor data and amplifies the existing Z-Wave network.
    Availability: In stock


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