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    Door/Window Sensor

    ZWVIS ZD2102-5
    €28.62 excl tax €35.77 excl tax
    Zipato’s Door/Window Sensor consists of sensor and a magnet. One piece mounts on the door/window frame, and the other mounts on the door/window itself. When the two components separate, sensor reports that door/window is open. When used with Zipato home automation controllers it can be part of any automation scenario created using Zipato Rule Creator. It can be used either to detect intruders or to automatically trigger other Z-Wave devices when activated Like all Z-Wave devices displaying the Z-Wave logo, Zipato Door/Window Sensor can also be used with various Z-Wave networks and controllers, regardless of the manufacturer.

    Door/Window Sensor HomeKit white

    €50.40 excl tax
    FIBARO Door/Window Sensor is a HomeKit-enabled contact sensor using Bluetooth® low energy wireless technology. Along with detecting opening and closing, the accessory measures the ambient temperature. Opening is detected by separating the sensor’s body and the magnet. Tampering is detected whenever the accessory is detached from the surface or casing is opened.
    Availability: 5 in stock

    FIBARO The Button Homekit

    €48.77 excl tax
    FIBARO Button is a HomeKit-enabled, compact, battery-powered wireless controller using Bluetooth® low energy technology.
    It allows you to control HomeKit accessories using Automations.
    Various actions may be triggered with one clicks, two clicks or by holding the button down.
    With its small design and wireless communication, the FIBARO Button can be conveniently mounted on any surface and in any position or location at home, e.g. beside the bed or under the desk.
    Availability: 4 in stock

    FIBARO Wallplug Homekit

    €56.90 excl tax
    FIBARO Wall Plug is a HomeKit-enabled smart plug using Wi-Fi® connection and Bluetooth® low energy wireless technology.
    This remotely controlled outlet adapter is equipped with power and energy metering function.
    It uses a LED ring to visualize current consumption and status.
    The Wall Plug may be operated using the button on the casing or via an iOS mobile app.
    Availability: 8 in stock

    Flood Sensor HomeKit

    €58.53 excl tax
    FIBARO Flood Sensor is a HomeKit-enabled water detector using Bluetooth® low energy wireless technology. The accessory alarms about flooding, whenever water is detected between its probes. Along with detecting flooding, the accessory measures the ambient temperature. Tampering is detected whenever the accessory is moved or casing is opened.
    Availability: 2 in stock

    Motion sensor HomeKit

    €56.90 excl tax
    FIBARO Motion Sensor is a HomeKit-enabled multi-sensor using Bluetooth® low energy wireless technology. Along with detecting motion, the accessory measures temperature and light intensity. Built-in accelerometer detects tampering with the accessory. Every time the movement is detected, Motion Sensor will glow in different colour depending on the temperature.
    Availability: 8 in stock

    Nano Dimmer

    ZWAEO ZW111
    €48.70 excl tax €52.77 excl tax
    The AEOTEC Nano Dimmer is a flush-mounted radio module which turns a standard light installation into an intelligent smart home component with Z-Wave wireless technology.

    The compact radio module is placed in a wall box right behind the normal switch. The switch is no longer directly connected to the load but acts as input device for the AEOTEC insert that is controlling the load. The switch only sends control signal to the insert which controls (switch/dim) the load then again. The solution works with all switch design. You can use a momentary or a toggle switch. It’s recommended to use wall boxes with 65mm depth. But smaller boxes with only 45mm depth can be used also if there is enough space behind the switch. The available space depends on the size of the traditional switch, the dimensions of the wall box and the amount of additional cabling placed in this box.

    POPP KeyPad

    €145.53 excl tax
    The Keypad is the first Z-Wave enabled and outdoor Keypad in the Smart Home world!
    The Keypad can activate and deactivate your security system by using an individual Pin Code. Furthermore you can unlock connected doorlocks without a key but with a multi-digit Code.
    As soon as somebody logs in with his personal Pin Code you will be informed automatically. Because of that you even know while your on the road, when your kids arrived at home. Beside the Keypad does not need a key, which are often lost by kids.

    The POPP Keypad can save up to 20 different Pin Codes. Each Code can have 4-10 digits. Every single Pincode has its own scene ID and can start other scenes. Meanwhile you can also us the different scenes IDs to see, who and when one of the residents came home. Additionally the Keypad has an separated doorbell button, which controls his own scene. That way you can switch on a light and turn down the volume of your hifi system when somebody rings the door.

    The Keypad is protected against tamper and burglar the Keypad has an integrated magnetic sensor. If the Keypad is move unauthorized, you receive a push message (gateway mode) immediately or a siren will be triggered. In addition a separted scene ID is used, when a wrong Pin Code is entered. As a result you know directly when somebody use the keypad unauthorized. An integrated multicolor LED shows, if the Pin Code was entered correctly and informs if the entered Code was transmitted successfully.

    Stand alone and Gateway mode
    The Keypad can be used in 2 different modes. Firstly it can be use in connection to a doorlock or dooropener in the Stand-Alone mode. For that you do not need a Z-Wave gateway because the Keypad is directly associated with the door opener.
    Secondly the Keypad can be used in the Gateway mode. For that the keypad is connected to the Gateway and is shown as a scene controller. Each access code gets his own scene ID. The doorbell button and the wrong entering of code will be shown with own scene IDs.

    Relay Switch HomeKit

    €50.40 excl tax
    FIBARO Single Switch is designed to be installed in standard wall switch boxes or anywhere else where it is necessary to control electric devices. FIBARO Single Switch allows to control connected devices either via HomeKit technology (using Bluetooth® low energy) or via a switch connected directly to it and is equipped with active power and energy consumption metering functionality.
    Availability: Out of Stock - on backorder and will be dispatched once in stock.