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    Flood Sensor, Zigbee

    €29.00 incl tax
    High precision and sensitivity sensor keeping your home safe from any kind of water leakage or overflow. Separate design of body and sensor prevents the influence resulted from high humidity.

    RGBW Bulb 2

    €39.00 incl tax
    Zipato Bulb 2 with dimmer makes home lighting more fun and comfortable. With Zipato Bulb 2, you can control color and intensity of home lights from the convenience of your smartphone, or other ZigBee enabled controller. It has separate warm white, cold white and color LEDs. This allows you to create both colorful light environments and regular white lighting, which is easily customizable from an iOS or Android smartphone. Depending on the variant, bulb fits into regular E27 and is able to produce light intensity comparable to 60W incandescent bulb.

    Vera Plus Z-Wave Plus, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Bluetooth gateway

    €131.90 incl tax
    Vera Plus it’s compatible with an even wider range of devices that use ZigBee and Bluetooth wireless protocols, along with Z-Wave and Wi-Fi!
    You can connect with more devices regardless of the type of wireless technology your device uses.
    Plus your system can have over 200 devices on your Vera network, so VeraPlus is perfect for larger homes!
    Plus it has a faster processor with more memory for maximum performance! (Especially important as the number of devices goes up.)
    Get all the benefits of smart home security.

    VeraPlus offers you more security and peace of mind. You will never come home to a dark house again. Set your thermostat to automatically heat or cool your house to the exact temperature you want when you arrive home. And even better, never have your heating and cooling system waste energy by operating when no one is home. You will always know when your child gets home. Travel without fearing that your home is secure or worrying that your basement is flooded. Check in on elderly relatives. Make sure your pets are safe when you’re away. Manage a vacation home. Record video whenever motion is detected. Lock doors and turn off lights with a single touch! View and control your system from anywhere, for total peace of mind!

    Functions as the Brain of Your Wireless Home Control System Works with practically all smart home and security brands including Nest, Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, First Alert, and most others Easily control your entire home with one touch settings for Home, Away, Night and Vacation

    Zipabox - Zigbee Expansion Module

    €59.00 incl tax

    ZigBee is a low-cost, low-power, wireless mesh network standard.

    The low cost allows the technology to be widely deployed in wireless control and monitoring applications. Low power-usage allows longer life with smaller batteries.

    Mesh networking provides high communication reliability and more extensive range. ZigBee expansion module allowes Zipabox to communicate with all ZigBee enabled devices and integrate them into one unified home automation network.

    Since majority of smart energy meters supports ZigBee, Zipabox becomes even more interested for consumers, telcos and utilities to integrate smart metering applications within connected home.

    Carbon Monoxide Sensor

    €59.00 incl tax
    Zipato Carbon Monoxide Sensor (ZigBee) is designed to give early warning of higher carbon monoxide level, based on ZigBee technology. ZigBee is a wireless communication protocol designed for remote control of appliances in residential automated homes and light commercial environments.

    Zipatile Z-Wave + ZigBee - Black refurbished

    €355.47 incl tax

    Zipatile is the complete home control system in a form of a single device. It can easily be mounted on any wall, in any home.

    Featuring large number of built-in sensors and hardware modules, ZipaTile will replace numerous home devices such as security system, thermostat, automatic controller, IP camera, alarm siren or intercom, and bring them together in one, smart and beautiful device.

    We would like to point out that this article is not a new product. The product has got the complete functionality and can be integrated into a Z-Wave Smart Home without restriction. However, the product may have the following characteristics: broken seal, damaged packaging, no original packaging missing accessories, minimal signs of wear, no current software version. The picture may not correspond to the scope of delivery of the product.